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Okay, section 18 lecture one summary of the course with all labs uploaded. Alright, right, welcome. We made it through the Cisco CCNP switch during National 15. So that is the summary of what we covered. All right, so let's take a look at it briefly. We talked about designing an enterprise network, right which enterprise campus they interchange those words, because we do need to know how or where to play certain pieces of equipment based on the Cisco three layer model or the collapse architecture, right.

So other things shouldn't go past the distribution layer. Talked about layer two and layer three switches. This is a switch course right? And it's operations VLANs nothing new to all. But we did do a couple new things, learn a couple things with the VLANs and trunk VTP. Hey, welcome back.

Very important for the naming convention to keep it the same across all switches, creating VTP domains, there's versions of VTP we need to understand those things and securing it using a password but it's manual. Remember it's manual types of spanning tree, we change it to rapid spanning tree faster convergence and most important we can do now, not only one root bridge, but two root bridges a primary and a secondary in case one goes now Alright, ether channel, we know about either channel but then we wanted to a little bit deeper how information flows through all links. But if one goes down, then it goes to one and one goes down and goes to the other one. And they all go down then we're in trouble but they saw solution right where they stackable switches where you have cables on one switch cables are not a switch, you aggregate those at once so it goes down.

You still got the other cables. They can send information to. But again, it has to be part of your iOS features in order for you to do it. All right. multi layer switching, hey, layer three switches. We talked about the, the routing capability was that DHCP we know how to configure DHCP, right?

You wear this on a router or a switch, it's pretty much the same thing. All right, if it's a layer three, be careful with the trunking. You saw how different that was? All right. Logging. syslog.

No big deal. Managing switches using SNMP. three versions, three versions? Do we use SNMP? version one? Nope.

Because not secure at all. SNMP version two, see it's better. 64 bit you can do bulk. But it doesn't address the security issue. It doesn't address it. Right.

Remember, that's the one we want. We did port mirroring using span or our span meaning span Same switch source destination where you have a remote fan that goes across a whole bunch of switches. All right now we saw an example of just you know, just one switch really an intermediate switch, but the intermediate switches do not care about port destination they only care Oh, this is an our span. VLAN No problem, send it up. And then the port analyzer gets it right. Now we have the Redundancy Protocol.

H SRP. We know ISIS RP, know the breakdown or that MAC address. No, though break down. You will be asked questions on that know that breakdown. Then we wanted to VRP and the true low bouncing protocol. gl BP has the actual command low balance and the preferred method is round robin Round Robin.

All right. Security switch access. switch port security. Hello. Okay, we've done it. We're doing it again.

We also can do that. New, we're not really new, triple A authentication right now one cue using RADIUS servers. Just make sure that feature for that dot one cute another one, you know one x is there, okay? Don't want x is there because if you don't have the feature, you can do it. Okay? You could do a lab because we've done labs before with radius and TAC x, but it's not this particular one, which is the 8021 x protocol we want to use.

Okay. And then labs, labs labs. were full of labs, practice, practice, you have the concepts, you have the resources, you have the labs, if for whatever reason goes, if you read the description, all right, all the cores, I can give you the simulator. So whatever simulator you use, or use lab equipment, the key is to have the right iOS that will support all these features. I don't care what you use, okay? If you cannot do it, look at the PowerPoints that I have the commands are there, the resources are there.

Just write it down a million times. Write it down, write it down right now understand what's going on because I'm explaining it, and you'll be okay. All right, and you'll be okay. Ah, but yeah, just keep practicing the labs, keep going all the concepts, okay? And you'll be just fine. Do the work and you will get certified.

Good luck.

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