Introduction to VTP

5 minutes
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Welcome back, everyone. Now we're going to get into the VLAN trunking protocol or VTP, which I think is pretty interesting that now in the ccmp they dive into it a lot deeper, where they took it out when the new CCNA they had it before, in the what is it the CCNA 200 dash one another 120? Yeah, the one No. Yeah, the 120 not the not the new one. So they had it took it out, they put it in it took it out, and now you have it in the ccmp. But dude, it gets a little bit in depth, but not that much.

Not much. You're gonna be very surprised, you know, very surprised. Now we're gonna define what VTP is right in this presentation right here, which we all know what VTP is. Okay, but we'll get into that in a little bit. All right, then a VTP domain. About BGP domains, these are management domains.

It Again, I say this for every section you've done if you took the CCNA course with me, you've done this already. You've done it okay VTP domain, you're doing that the VTP domain now they talk about the versions and they actually start telling you now how to change the revision number or the version number of VTP because you want to have three so they know before right so now, they get into that okay VTP mode Come on, we know that we know that the only new one that comes out now is off their server client transparent and off. But same same thing. Alright. VTP advertisements, obviously, synchronization which goes hand in hand with advertisements once it wins. switches are interconnected to each other, and you form a VTP domain, they are going to talk to each other about the same domain passwords if you want as optional, but you will be putting passwords, okay?

So they synchronize with those VTP advertisements. And that's where the revision number comes in the higher revision number and all that good stuff. Okay. We'll get into some basic VTP configuration, very basic, extremely basic, configuring VTP versions, here we go the version and the mode, because you configure a VTP mode, client VTP, version two, and then once a by default, they're all one, but you can change it to two, just for the fact of being able to synchronize and look at different things. Then we're into a VTP lab, and you're wondering, my God, all this stuff, and one VTP lab, because this takes two seconds to do all this stuff. Two seconds.

Okay, so we're gonna talk talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, look a little pictures. And then we're gonna do an actual VDP lab. And then we'll round off the section with pruning. They finally talk about pruning. And in the configuration, you're going to see the syntax. In the presentation.

Packet Tracer does not support pruning. Okay, you can, but I'll show you what you need to do well, what you will need to do inside the interface and in global configuration to be able to do pruning, not a big deal. Not a big deal. All right. So with that said, let's define the TCP. So Cisco developed a way to manage VLANs across a switch network.

That's all it is. That's what VTP does. So managing protocol, it takes a look at all the VLANs and make sure that it's going where they need to go. That's what it is. And we're all part of the same domain, that everybody with a non domain gets that managed by VTP that you layer two trunk frames to communicate VLAN information, all right, and it manages the and this is important now, it BGP manages the additions, deletions and renaming of VLANs across a network from a central point. That is, the guys remember we said we had different modes, only the server can change things around, change names at named visa, and delete Venus, all that.

All that good stuff that's done from server mode. We know that already. But CLI mode doesn't do that. And any switch participating BTB exchanges aware of any changes, which is very important. You're in the same domain. Same password.

Okay. But now when we get to revision numbers, we'll understand why that bullet point is key also, because if you bring in a switch, and this was the scenario, your CCNA if you put in a switch has a higher revision number What happened? He just changed all the VLANs. Okay, it took its own VLAN database and change it for everybody while everybody else was in transparent or off, okay? But if not, they changed their their VLANs all together with the one the new switch hat. So I'll show you now in this.

In this section, I'll show you how to change, okay, from the revision number to reset it back to zero before you plug in something else and have the possibility of a changing, right because it is high revision number we're gonna say hey, that's new information, and they're gonna take it and you don't want that. Okay? But that's what VTP is. Just imagine protocol to take a look at the VLANs one across a switch network. Cool. See the next one

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