NTP Server

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Log on log everyone and TP news Time Protocol server This is we're talking about is to synchronize our clocks across all our switches, right? multiple switches in your network from common trusted time sources you should use the Network Time Protocol. Each switch will maintain its own internal clock, but they don't do it always there is often they do a little update within to update the times. It's important. It's important that they all actually go to the there is a GPS thing on there you need to make sure that uh, that they do eventually, you know, authenticate or, oh synchronize to the atomic clock. Now, every half has it was hilarious.

He said, each layer of hierarchy is known as a stratum and there's pretty much to stratums Oh, well, as you're going out on Thursday, the server's stratum number one They're the ones are actually the ones that have the time. And then the NTP servers that synchronize with a stratum one, and they're designated as stratum two. Okay? But definitely you need to make sure that you are synchronizing your routers, your switches, your servers, everything is synchronized up because even in telecommunications, there's a GPS antenna on there. And those clocks are off the problem. They even have to be synchronized with those atomic clocks down to the millisecond.

Okay. So NTP has several modes you have server client, peer, and broadcast and multicast. Now, if it's a server, then the device synchronizes with the source in a lower stratum and rise time synchronization with servers or clients at a higher stratum. Okay, your NTP server, that's what we're talking about. That goes to stratum one, okay? The devices synchronize its clocks with an NTP Serve.

So everybody is looking towards that NTP server as clients. All right to say hey, what's the right time? Okay, that's pretty much it. All right man p or the device exchange time information. Well there another peer device or another switch to another switch. So hey, you got the right time.

Yeah, I got here you go. Okay. That's it. Just make sure that because I know now Cisco is a very important that we set the timezone, we set the internal clock time, and then we do the NTP server and all that good stuff. Okay, we all saw in the CCNA 20 dash 125. So, and we saw this as well.

So make sure that your NTP stuff is a little bit more I guess detail now but make sure you do this please. Okay, the device and then broadcast on the device operates as an NTP server but pushes time information out to any listening device. Because it's the push is in only one direction. The time accuracy can soar for someone so rarely do This you normally when we're doing in a server client environment where you have an NTP server, everybody looks at that NTP server and gets their time and it's done on a periodic basis periodic basis. Now, configuring the NTP server on the switch, easy enough NTP server pointed to one, I say, hey, there's the prefer NTP server and they have empty NTP server. That's Republic that is your public.

Okay, NTP server, the switch is associated with this guy. That's why there's prefer Alright, which uses a GPS so that they're not GPS receiver as his reference clock and a server, public server, which uses the atomic clock. So that's how it does the synchronization. That's it, those are synchronization. All right. So that is the configuration of it in the switch, okay.

And then verifying it's pretty much showing up status are showing TP associations and you will take a look at everything that's there. All right, and to put timestamps and we thought that we were going to do that is pretty much service timestamp log, then in time, show hyphen, timezone, milliseconds, milliseconds. Okay, exit and then just show logging so you can take a look at what you just did. Okay? That's all. That's all it is.

It's very simple. The clock stuff is really, really very simple to do. Now not only do you when you get if you get a switch or router, I keep saying router. You got to switch or router. You want to go have is Briony out of the box. You want to make sure that you said the clock.

The internal clock the timezone, you said the NTP you know, you make sure your NTP servers because it's not just the switch. The switch is gonna look at an NTP server which you need to configure. So and it's just basically just saying, turning it on, pointing to the right direction, and let it do what it's got to do. Okay, tell me Hey, go over here so you can update this guy. Alright, and that's it. Okay.

But uh, definitely a no. No this particular line for the timestamp. The show commands are pretty easy. You may be asked to do some show commands show NTP status show NTP associations, question mark, we'll get you out of a jam real quick. Know You have two NTP servers one that's gonna look at the atomic clock, one of the switches associated with and the modes know the modes know the modes, okay, all the different types of NTP and you should be okie dokie, no problem O's, with NTP. So very simple thing to do.

Alright, see you next

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