Multi Layer CEF Lab

3 minutes
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Welcome, everybody, this is our multi layer switching Sef CF lab. Right, we've already configured VLANs as you can see, we've done VLANs in the core switch, which will trickle down show VLAN summary, we've learned this command already should work show VLAN has just for show VLAN there we go, summary man show VLAN There's your student VLAN and all faculty VLAN we're also running a VTP domain show VTP stats right and you can see we have lies on you see that has been updating and so forth. You can see the local updater right there. And if you do a show start you're gonna see IP routing is enabled and we have our two parts, which are using the encapsulation of dot One, two. Okay, and if we keep going down there we see our interfaces there are attached to those particular VLANs Oh, we're learning information from those particular VLANs ago these er gateways, those are gateways because the switch is acting as a layer three device.

So when you gateway so you have to put them on there those particular interfaces, which is the VLAN interface. Alright, so if we want to test for connectivity, we could. Alright, so let's go ahead and Ping. Well, I think we've tested it before. Let's try it again. See, we have.

Alright, that's the other component aside, and we do have connectivity. But one of the things that we're looking at with Seth, remember saff, Cisco Express 40. He just makes things a lot quicker. And you look at the cord, row switch, and do a show IP Sef There are several things that you can do. Let's just look at, let's say the summary. All right, and we look at the summary, you see, yeah.

15 Prefixes, okay, is distributed Sef on is running in vrF default, right? And there's four, you can see this database has four entries are 15 entries for this particular one. All right, and we, let's say, do an all power again. And we do, let's say a detail. You're gonna take a look at the actual last, every last detail that there's here for the particular network or the VLAN, or the actual host address of the VLAN, the gateway addresses. So staff has all this information, which makes life a whole lot easier for us to send packets for to send packets forward.

Okay, and we do let's say show all their show IP Sef. And we did that on every go show IPsec. And you can see that we do have the two entries right here, okay, and it's telling us that VLAN 20 and VLAN 10. Alright, on those particular interfaces, so that information is already in the set and said, Excuse me. And like I said before, there's a lot more information that stuff out there the routing table would not have. So we'll make things quicker.

But this is it. This is looking at Sef. And if you were to turn it on, all you really would have to do is go to global configuration and do IP Sef. And I need to make this stop. Okay, IP Sef. And then in this case with the packet tracer is just distributed.

So you turn that on, and that is it is as simple as that. And then there's doing the show commands, which I just showed you. All right, that's that. I'll see you later.

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