IPSLA Overview

4 minutes
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Welcome back, everybody. All right. So IP SLA ru enables you to gather realistic information about how specific types of traffic are being handled. So what do you got going on here, you create, here's one switch yours, any other device, whatever. You create that IP SLA operation, right? That you configure IP SLA here for ICMP echo.

So when you ping and you get that echo request, and I go response is going to monitor that and you'll be able to gather information as how long it took, you know, to get from one place to the other, that type of information. This is what IP SLA does, okay. And in simple terms, if you do the, this echo operation when you do a show, IP SLA, let's say station Monitor one, go the way they named it there. All right, you're going to see the round trip time or how long it took to get back and forth. All right, you're going to see though it was a success, or there was any failures. Okay, everything was good to go.

And the TTL was 188 seconds, okay? It gives you the timing data and everything. All right, if you do a show IP SLA station, one detail, okay, then it gives you a little bit more information. All right, it tells you over the threshold or Cardinals fault, number of successes was two, that gives you again, the TTL was 155. And it gives you operational state of entry is active. And the last time this entry was reset, never so it gives you a little bit more information, as if you do look at the detail, but this is what IP SLA actually does.

Now, there are different test operate operations that you can do. Alright, now you can see that there is required target so I'm no sorry. Yes, but it's more nose than Yes. All right, you're gonna do ICMP echo which is we just did path echo which is hop by hop and and response times. You can do the path jitter. Okay, you look at DNS DHCP, FTP, a TCP, UDP ago, UDP jitter, I and TCP Connect.

So all these things you can look at when you're creating your IP SLA on your switch or router. Okay, you can take a look as you look at the devices when you're sending information. All right, whichever you want to go ahead and monitor to see the network traffic see what's happening. That will give you the information. Okay, that will give you the information. Again, this table yes is something you need to know.

You need to know what the service level agreement does, which is gathering network information to see what's going on. When information is going from source to destination and back. Alright, how long it's taking, like right here DNS DNS query. response time. So how long have you do all? You know, search on the web?

Or what have you? How long was the DNS, how they took the DNS to look that up, or if it's FTP or file retrieval, response time, things like that is what you want to know to monitor traffic. But again, I can't help but say, you're not going to be doing a lot of IP SLA s. I to be looking at this stuff you will have if you don't, I'm sorry, you will have third party applications that will do all this for you. Okay. But for testing purposes, which this is, this is what the things that you need to more or less remember, or keeping your mind let you know, when you look at if you ask what path jitter or what is oh hop by hop. Okay.

That's about it. Okay, so with that said, Now you know, what it really does and what you're going to be looking at is just telling you information, especially with that Did the ICMP echo of how long it took to get from point A to point B and if you encountered any problems in the next

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