Switchport Aggregation with EtherChannel

6 minutes
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Welcome back, we're talking about ether channel aggregation Now, when we use ether channel already know, that's when we get to lengths or more and we create, we put them together it's like a trunk is a trunk between it because you drunk those ports, right those ports a trunk, and we bring them together in a port channel one and in this particular channel, and that makes it now ether channel is becomes one. So, ICP has nothing SFP will look at it as one link. Okay? The guy says cool, we not then add more Ethernet cables to increase our bandwidth. We could and we put them in either channel. If we don't put them either channel, then spanning tree is going to say, hey, there's a whole bunch of redundant links here.

No, no, no, we have to block because we don't want to create a switching loop. So we have to if you do put a bunch of links through then you need to go ahead because you want faster speed. You must Do it using either channel. So let's go created it for that purpose. Okay, that's why it says here. So let's go over the methods getting linked now one by bundling links Don't ask.

Alright, two eight links of either Fast Ethernet gigabit or Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet channel, you can do that imagine Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, or 10 gigabit you can take all these and you can bundle them together Oh, my God, you'll get speed like you wouldn't believe look right here. I need to know like 200 megabits throughput, twice single Fast Ethernet 1600 megabits per second. That's a lot. Two giggy links right the throughput a two gigabits per second throughput to a single 1616 gigabits. Think about that. That will be awesome.

Although the channel avoids the switching loop situation by building Parallel lengths into a single logical language can act as either access or trunk. Normally their trunk links, but they could access access, they could, they could, but one of the things you need to be very careful in the recovery channel will distribute the traffic because the way the traffic flows in internet, it's just not that you have a whole bunch of wires that are put together. So Ethernet, either channel will go ahead and distribute that particular traffic across all those, all those cables. Okay, so if one fails, it'll just send that traffic over to the other cable also that comes back up, then I'll put it back on there. So then how it will handle that. So that's what it says here.

If any of the links fail within the bundle, they will automatically move the traffic to the adjacent link. Now one of the things that as far as failing over there very good, but I still really not a good. I mean, it's okay. But what happens is they all fail. You have one two switches one here, one here. You have eight wires going across one fails.

Okay, so I'm going to do one two fails until you hold. But my No, they don't even think of that all fail. Now what? That's it, you're done yeah Hurry up and get that fixed ASAP. So, this is where what they call the older solution, which is known as multi chassis Ethernet channel or Mac where you have stackable switches. As you can see here in the picture stackable switches.

You see the gig 101 is connected to and the gig 102 is connected to the first switch over here to gig 01 and 02. And then gig 201 and gig 202 are not here to two, one and two. So if one link fails, then you have another switch. So it's like you have a standby switch. You can bond Have them together. But again to do that is a particular type distributed physical links across mobile.

So in each entity configures a logical virtual switch, such as virtual switching switch them is either chassis based using a virtual switching system. So you need something like that. Okay, this one I'm showing you a picture of it was you can look it up, all right. So you can see how that would work, right you have stackable switches with a particular v s s, are working in those in those switches, where you can go ahead and aggregate these multiple wires from different switches. So now the failover is even better. So the two switches between, you know switch one die, you still have switch two that's still connected to the other one.

And traffic is still flow, right? So it's just for failover failover. So this will be a better scenario using this than just having Switch. Who does this? Listen, again, in the schools that I've been, and the certain businesses that I've seen. Now they don't have VSS, there aren't running, you know, that much failover there, you don't even have redundant links together, because it basically comes down to the pocket.

Okay, so but no for your exam for your exam, there's a whole purpose or certification know that this exists. Yes, you can aggregate up to eight ports, you can get 16 gigabits per set or 1600 megabits per second. It's great. But it is again, it is just to say between two switches, one of those cables fell over it will move the traffic over to the adjacent link. But if you're using this type of system, which uses the VSS the multi chassis, ether channel or Mac, okay, then you can go ahead and have a better failover because I can also Well, one of those ones Night. It goes what is the oh my god the chance you have eight wires plugged in between two switches that all eight wires go back that look completely but know that you can go Have you got that okay?

All right that's that that's your fail. Keep that in mind multi chassis ether channel or mech. Okay, that's what you need to keep in mind. See you next

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