VTP Advertisements

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Welcome back. Welcome back. Now we get into VTP advertisements advertised, well, we know what BGP is already. Alright, so now they're going to advertise. All right now, we said now, that the mode, the VTP mode has several versions. Remember transparent mode, version two acts as a relay.

Well VTP also has versions. The actual VTP, right, by default uses one but there's three. There's three different versions. Now, here they are wanting to write well, by default, you can change Institute their support VLANs through one and 1005. Okay, cool. But there's other VLANs out there.

VTP version three, only supports the full extended VLAN range from one to 4094. So three is the big guy. You can take care of everybody. All right? Bobby was wanting to only go up to 1005, which I think is enough. Anyway.

But make sure that goes there, we'll be looking, hey, it's easy VTP Juan is he VTP to know, because there could be also a VTP domain mismatches due to many different things. It could be a different naming, it could be a different versioning, there could be a version mismatch as well. Alright, so be careful, because you want to run all switches within your block in the same versions, okay? Don't be me. That's why documentation is extremely crucial. Be very, very, you know, what I say?

Dot the i's, cross the T's and cross the T's and dot the i's are those. Make sure you do that VTP advertisements are set as multicast frames, which is awesome. And that sounds like a question. That sounds like a question. VTP advertisements are sent in multiple Cast frames. All right, good now means that we don't have to worry about broadcast.

All switches in the management domain learn new VLAN configuration changes VLANs must be created and configured on only one VTP server switch in the domain. That's what I was saying earlier. Okay, and that's what we've been doing. Those of you that have come with me in the CCNA. Yeah, one server switch, do everything there. Okay, well hardware in there.

But as far as your VLANs are concerned, your VLAN database all propagate to all the other switches, and they're in client mode. Okay, they're in client mode. But again, what I want to focus on because, man, I think this is going to be on the test. This right here, know that there's three versions of VTP know the one or two handles one through 1005 and the VTP. Three, only, it goes from one to $4 and 94. All right.

Now it does say here but the versions are fully backward compatible. with each other, yeah, ah, supposedly, there will be backward compatible and they can talk even though you have a mixture of them. Okay. But again, I've ran into issues where that's not so. So again, testing purposes real world deal, okay? Keep everything the same.

And you can have the same versions, but now you know, okay, so be careful with that come to test the TV advertisements to other switches. Now even domains are set to use not Yes. When you create a VTP domain, there's no password set. You have to create passwords and you need to add them manually manually to all your switches. Okay. There's always some work upfront.

Always some work on Friday. All right, but you got to do it. VTP uses revision numbers Aha, we start with a revision numbers to keep track of the most recent information. We start with revision numbers you Roll. And as you make changes to that particular switch, it'll increment by one will keep incrementing. The higher the revision number, the newest information, and that's the information that everybody wants.

Nobody wants old news. People want new news, right? So we don't want fake news. It's a little on there. All right, but yes, higher revision number. Okay, we need.

The switches will look oh my god, this is new information, he has a higher revision number. Let's take that information and put it into our VLAN database, even though our VLAN database was already created, and he just came in with a brand new information from another place another site with but the guy that didn't feel like erasing anything, he just popped it in there at a higher version number. He just changed the domain name. Oh my god. Now he'd erase all that go there. saw the revision number.

He's part of our domain, which is going to change our database. So he has now nothing works in your site. Careful, careful with these are Yeah, the when the server because usually everything comes from the server. But if you have a switch, it could be in client mode. It could be because clients do side advertising as well. So it could be in client mode, but have a higher excuse me a little bit call, have a higher revision number and all switches all a sudden Say hi revision number, quick change everything.

And that's where we saw in the CCNA, didn't we that your VLAN database changes. That's why we need to reset that revision number back to zero before we implement that particular switch. Okay into our network. Be very careful with that because you can cause havoc in your own network with that revision number. Again, I'll say the last time, the higher revision number. That's the new news.

That's what we want. Be careful. If you're putting in a new switch into the network. Make sure it has the newer has the information that the other switches have, plus something new that you want to add to cool, no problem. But if it's something totally different from another site somewhere else that you just put it in there, and has a higher revision number. Yeah, you're gonna run into issues.

Careful with that. Keep a lookout. that'll probably be on your test. See you then.

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