Summary of Section 5

4 minutes
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Welcome, Bye everyone. Now we're in the summary of the section, what do we cover? What did we cover? Why do I keep doing that? Okay, overview of VLANs and trunks, we took a look at what a VLAN is. Our trunk line is, okay, we need to understand that's it, man.

Again, if you're at this level, you should know what a VLAN is, or virtual local area network. It's not physical, it takes away the requirements of being in one physical place, we can be anywhere as long as you're part of that VLAN you can access the same information. Alright, so and trunk ports, what are trunk ports, those ports are multiple VLANs single across instead of just one. That's all okay, creating VLANs and the advantage, creating a VLAN as a symbol VLAN 10, enter name, whatever. And now you've created that's it. Now what advantage.

Now, once you create a VLAN, you're creating more broadcast domains. Therefore, you're reducing the amount of broadcast within the network. And that's what you want to do. Right? That's the advantage of creating VLANs. Whether they be statically, or dynamically, you do want to create VLANs.

Because you want to minimize the amount of broadcasts you want to segment, right? Not only for bandwidth usage, but for security purposes. You do want to create VLANs right and better management, trunk ports and their configurations really, to turn a port to turn an access points which is pretty much just going interphase of zero 24 switch port mode trunk, or switch port trunk and cap. Now you tell what encapsulation you want all depends on the iOS that you have on the type of switch. Do you have a question mark? will help you out?

A lot. Okay. But once you trunk the ports, that's it. Okay, that's it. That means a multiple VLANs can go across, and it'll too long to remember 8021 Q is the encapsulation type that we want for today because anybody can play. Yes, it creates four bytes makes the frame bigger.

But remember, it creates it follows that standard, the attitude three AC, which makes the Ethernet frame larger. Alright, so I think it was 1844 or remember correctly, or 1544. All right, we're not going to give those errors, you're not going to get those errors. But if you aren't getting those errors, you should know why. All right, then we did our voice VLANs. We talked about voice, alright, and the preferred method falls on their own switch PCs on their own switch or you want to just put everything on your PC to phone phone to switch and then create you know, you can do everything on one router.

Or you can do it on two separate routers like I did. All right, but you saw the lab and how it was one was a DHCP server with that option 150 that option 150 and pointing to the call manager, you did almost did the same command on Bo. All right, that source address is the call manager address. Now that IP address and the port, whatever, but they they gotta be the same on both sides. All right, option 150 that will make you or break you. Okay?

And then waters VLANs we probably didn't call raises, because was not going to mean the test in a manual voice for that matter. But if it is, it will be very basic things we did in the lab and wireless. Just know that you know, you have autonomous mode, we have lightweight mode, okay, and one is independent where the old one is dependent on a wireless controller. That's it. That's it. So that's it for this particular section.

Not bad, interesting. Cool with the voice. All right, that was pretty cool. So we're making the phone you can't hear him, but at least they light up. All right. I'll see you everyone in the next one.

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