Syslog Messages

6 minutes
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Welcome back once again, syslog messages, all right? Well, there are certain things that you need to understand about the system messages, obviously, we're going to put timestamps on it, there's facility codes, there's a severity level, which is something that we had to memorize for the CCNA. We have to memorize it here for the ccmp switch, there's new pneumonic, also, tech strings, we need to know and message text. Okay? So some messages are generated, they always appear in a consistent format and this is what it is timestamp that explains itself, okay? It's a date and time, one for the internal switch clock.

Alright, so that's why that's why it's important also, and we'll talk about this synchronizing your internal clocks with an external source, meaning the NTP server, going to the atomic clock and all that good stuff. All right, the facility code A system that categorizes a switch function or module that has generated the messages always begins with a percent sign. Just so you know, here is I want to point this out is from 07. The lower the number, the more critical it is in severity levels. All right? Then the pneumonic again, a short texturing categorizes events within the facility code.

And then the message Tex is just a description of the event and the condition triggered by this is the messages. Okay. Now, here are your severity levels. And some of you that's taking my course we're ready. We've talked about this. So this is apparently a very important topic that we need to understand.

So we got to make sure that we know this and one of the things that was said pre, you know, triggers courses will have you even in this one is that don't go above four because remember, you're generating all these syslog messages, in your router or on your syslog server, okay, or whatever applications that you're using, hopefully using some sort of third party application, and you're looking at all this information, alright? Because if you get from seven up, it's gonna do every last thing. Okay? So you're gonna get all sorts of debugging information, any information within that maybe have any notifications, warning years. So that Syslog Server, right will fill up quite quickly. So you got to be very careful.

And here's a, the, the actual messages that match up to the severity level. That's what this is doing. Okay, so we got crashes. So you can see that the lower number is a more important one. All right, crashes were stopped processes. The number one is real platform errors.

And you can use either the number or the level name, it all depends on your iOS. All depends on your iOS, okay, of using the packet tracer, it'll go one way and parameters only both debugging. That's it. If you use GNS three, which is I'm saying hey, go for it unity it's going to be done a different way. All right now different commands to configure allow you to Ah, you know, put it in the message or the number. Okay.

Then we have warnings which will the errors do ACLs pag p ether channel warnings DHCP snooping, okay, notifications This is you're doing like it'll two one x was the pairs in the wrong place it'll two dot one x Okay, that's if you're doing a tag for base authentication using RADIUS server, right to allow users to get access to a network before they even get into it. So we go through a port, right so particular being on let's say, you have VLAN 10, and that'd be like saying you putting Say hey, we're going to enable a no it'll to one cue authentication here. And it'll talk to you and it's one x. And it has to go to a RADIUS server to you have to set it up AAA, all that good stuff. Okay? And then you'll see that, you know, they'll get authenticated yes or no.

And then you'll get information about notifications about this if that's what you want to monitor. Okay. And then just informational information, stag events, Port security, which is kind of fun to go This and this go together. ARB inspections, not very big deal hardware diagnostics, and then again, debugging. And careful, you know, be sparingly when you do this, because you can get yourself in trouble. Now, the tablet configurations, logging the switch, console, logging console, seven, okay, because that's what this particular the packet tracer does.

Logging to the internal buffer you would do logging buffered for, that's the number for logging buffered size, you can put a size for it, and then log into a remote Syslog Server, which means you actually do and we will do it in the lab. You'll see how it's done. And those of you again, you see me do it in a router, they're just doing the same exact thing. And the switch, alright, you have to have a Syslog Server. Alright, Syslog Server. And once you and with a packet tracer, the trick to it is you a since you can only do debugging, just enable debugging, once you configure, okay, my six launch server is going to be this.

This is going to be you know my string, and then I'm going to go ahead and enable the you know, debug all. And you'll see your Syslog Server will start giving you all sorts of messages. All right. Other than that, it just it just won't do it. But know that yes, one of the main things I want you to pay attention to is this table right here. This is important Yes, you will be asked questions on this.

Please know this. Okay. And as far as this is concerned, ya know what you don't have to know at the actual whole discretion to it. But understand someone is just self explanatory. But if you can, more or less, get a good idea of what each one of the system messages is for, what will you be looking at? Okay, then you'll go ahead, and it'll have done a lot, but definitely this table right here.

You will be asked questions on this, you need to know this. And keep in mind, if you if you stop here, and let's say you want to log from four, you're going to log 43210 or 33210. So if you go all the way down here, you're gonna be logging all this stuff. Okay? But that's it. So I'll see you in the next

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