Managing Error Conditions on Switchport

6 minutes
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Welcome back everyone, now managing errors and conditions on a particular switch port. Okay, now many ways of doing it, we'll talk a little bit about it, I definitely the way we want to go is using some sort of network application, why we're sitting on a console, that the console can send it to our cell phone when we're at lunch. And that is, oh, hey, there's problems in the network. That is the way of the future. That is the way things are done. Okay, using automated, automated ways to do things.

You're not gonna be sitting there eight hours a day, I'm going to go ahead and go into each port. Let me take a look at the errors that their switches running. You're not going to do that. You, you may be there and nothing happens. Right? Let's hope that happens.

Okay, but obviously, that's not the case and network, something's always going to happen in the network. But we want to automate things as possible and using applications to check the ports on your network or the ones on your switch are the ones are gonna help you tremendously, tremendously. Now kill switches by default will detect errors, okay, they will detect whereas they will detect check for hours on their own. But that means like, again, I said you would have to deliberately go in there. Right now one of the scenarios that I did with the CCNA in switch port security is that when you set switch port security and you're using the sticky command, that means only one MAC address or two, whatever you decided to configure are the ones that are able to stay there. Okay, if you unplug something and you plug something else that the MAC address is not part of that.

Then your port will go into something called eerr. Disable or disable. You're not going to get a beep. Okay, you're not going to get a phone call. or deny that now if somebody noticed a end user says, Hey, I can get onto their network, or somebody's complaining or your junior IT guy is there as a Hey, man, something's going on. If that's the case, then you'll get a call or you're just gonna have to be sitting there looking at at it every day.

That's why the first option is the best option. Are you going to automate things now? You could, you could like it says here, automate things or tweak things tune things, the default behavior by using some command. All right, that's called no er disable. And it'll detect a cause and you say all and then a particular cause name. Now here we have a an actual example.

No error, disabled detect cause all right, and then but that's not the only one all means detect every possible cause. any possible thing that can happen, they checked everything, and then you'll start seeing error. Come up as you sit there and take a look at your computer, okay? And there are a lot more triggers. This is not even a third of the things that you can do. ARB inspections bpdu guard, we know what that is, right?

So it looks at the bridge protocol data units are coming in, they're not supposed to. So we put, enable that. All right DCP rate limits loopback pag p, right IP for your ether channels, and small frames. All they know we want to run into this also called jumbo frames, there's so many different things, they can look at that again, tweaking the switch to do that, okay, and the applications that are there, but if I were you and I was the network administrator or the IT guy or whatever title they decided to give you, or you say listen, we need to run efficiently. So the way to do this, okay, the way to do this is to have an apple keishon take a look at our devices, all your devices and devices, switches, servers, anything on the network. And that's why solar winds as one of the best networking applications out there that you can use, okay, for the typing anything and drilling down to the driver, but you get alerts, you get alarms, you don't have to be sitting there and just looking at, you know, numbers, you may be sitting there looking at bar graphs or line graphs, all right, or you may be that may be connected to your business cell phone, that you're going to get a beep or something that's going to let you know that something's going on.

So detecting errors is extremely important, but it's not feasible for an IT individual to be sitting down there. 24 seven, just watching the screen, that is not feasible at all. So that's why I believe that you Using applications, which is the wave of the future, is to say, Hey, this is the way to go. Again, testing purposes. More likely, know this command, no error, disable detect cause, okay, no error, disable, er disable, okay? It's a cause.

So you can go ahead and know the different triggers that exist. But that's it. Okay. And then all of that is really up to you how you want to do it, how you want to do it, and all that switches do, by default will check for errors, like I told you that switch port security, it will let you know or bpdu guard enable, if you do that, and then you unplug the device and plug it in into networking device, that port is going to go er disable not port is going to be shut down. And then you manually go back in there and turn it back on. But again, I want to keep talking about the same things over and over again, in my personal opinion, the best way, applications, applications.

That'll do it for you. Let your warlord tell you hey, Something's wrong. Let me go fix it soon. The next

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