Summary of Section 12

3 minutes
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Welcome back, everyone, we made it through the section. So let's start about no brief summary. We start off logging switch activity into our switches or with our switches. So you syslog messages, we had a table that shows different syslog messages. Okay, the facility code, right, all that. Then we had the severity levels, and we looked at that.

All right, and then we did a switch syslog switch lab debugging was the only one we could do in Packet Tracer. So you saw how that started getting filled up, after we went ahead and enable debugging and you saw the server, you know, just that syslog portion of it, showing you all these different things that was been going on. And then we looked at and talked about the NTP synchronized to an external time source when we had two IP addresses. We had a private IP address, which is your preferred was that is Once the switch is associated with, and then you have a public IP, which actually is looking at the external atomic clock. So between those two, that's how we go ahead and synchronize because remember, there's that GPS for the hardware that's there, that's going to help us to locate that atomic clock and get the time that we need to synchronize it.

You can do with a peer doubt, if you don't want to do peer to peer or broadcast and multicast. And NTP, you're always going to be nine out of 10 times server client. That's it, the server. Alright, so I'll look to authorize all of our servers in stratum one, and then the NTP servers are set them to and they're the ones that are going to go ahead and get synchronized and then send the information out to everybody else. All the clients will say, hey, you will send us the time. Oh, there's the time all those make sure that's done.

Also, one thing that I just, you know, slightly mentioned is make sure you put the time zone, please, in your in your switches as well as routers, make sure that you set the clock, internal clock time, all that stuff, make sure that's good to go. You're on the money or your new NTP server in there as well. Okay to make a to do automatic, all right, but the time is crucial. Those of you that have worked on servers, domain controllers, know that synchronization between domain controllers is extremely important, especially when you're replicating across domains. So you need to make sure that the time is correct. All right, and I can't tell you right now, 90 telecommunications, somebody one day made or wrong, this mistake and mess around with a date and time you know when you're supposed to change and the time is supposed to go back whatever that thing is and forwards and backwards while he mess with that.

Well, because of that, a lot of information was lost. Okay, luckily, there's backups upon backups upon backups, but be very careful. So you may log you know, this is simple to do. It's not a big deal to do, but it is a big deal if you have the wrong time, and then you can synchronize and then you try to figure out why can you synchronize? And being it individuals we know must be some sort of wrong configuration on here, and what's the IP and we didn't put in that policy and we were looking at the different things and all it was was just the clock. Okay, we're just not synchronized properly, so we cannot run other times we can't synchronize with each other.

Okay? So make sure that everything is synchronized and they're looking to where they need to be looking at in the next

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