Create a bottle using extrude

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2 minutes
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I'm going to sketch selecting the screen giving this time insurance, stop sketch, extruding it by selecting this profile up to 250. Okay now I'm creating another circle on this plane Stop sketch I'm extruding this as well. Okay. Now I'll give it a fill it over here which will be around 30 Okay, now I can get a hold. Here you can see a new option called shell. What this shell does is it will remove the parts inside this by leaving the same amount of offset outside that is it will just leave with thickness and rest it will remove so I need to remove this face completely So that I have the opening for drinking water and then the rest time to remove everything except leaving.

Save for mm. Okay, so now when I say okay, you can see I keep this in wireframe and you can see how my body looks. I hope this is clear to you. So fine. I have created this portal using extra

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