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So, here is the chair that we have designed. We know how this has been designed. First we have taken a 2d sketch of a rectangle or a square, you can see then we have extruded it and added the other parts. But suppose if your friend has done this, how are you going to know how this has been designed? So for this actually fusion 360 has a very good option. Have a look at these icons that have found below.

If you had observed, they were being created as you were creating the features. So here, the first one, when you're clicking on that, you can see that this is the sketch that I have done. Then I have extruded it, then another sketch extrude I had made the film but then again had clicked the sketches for legs, then again I have excluded. So all the operations that I have performed on for making this chair have been recorded. This you can call us history. Now, if I'm going to this tool here you can see this line.

I can go back in my history suppose, and just placing this in the very beginning. You can see I don't have anything. Now I can play and see how this has been made. Some did fantastic. And now, these sketches and all are also being recorded in the browser in the browser. You see, I can expand the sketches.

Here, it has been recording all these sketches. The one below the origin is bodies. So this whole component has been made as a single body. These are called the faces. But this whole thing is just one body. If I won't, I could have created them as different bodies that has legs as different and this backseat is different, but I wanted it as one entity.

We'll see in the later videos how we can create them with as different bodies. And this all is if you can see this icon, my name is appearing. This is the solid body that I've created. The title has come here. Now how added this chair. Suppose I need to alter the length of these legs.

How am I going to do so what you can do is you can just click over here you can see the symbol of extrude when I'm clicking it is showing me and also it gets highlighted in this window. So the first one is this extrude second one is the back extrusion. Now I have come to the right extrusion which I need to edit that is the height of these legs. So what I can do is I can go to this extrusion, right click on it, and I get an option, edit feature. So I'm going to edit the feature and here you can see my history has been rolled to this item. Now it is showing it only till here and not showing the fillets that I made after that.

Here I can alter the height, I can either do pull, push, and then I'll keep it at 75. Okay, so now again, I can make other changes also. Like I can enter a taper angle, which I don't need it right now. Okay, so I can completely edit this feature. And then I'll click OK. So now you can see that my whole body has again been regenerated.

So all the other options remain same, this fillets, and all that I've added have now been added to my new legs. But only the height has changed. Similarly, I can edit any feature available over here. So I can right click, and I'll say Edit feature. I can alter the radius or here. If I'm going for this edit feature, you can see all the edges that are selected during filleting all of them can be added easily from here, I can give it as four you can see the difference.

It dynamically changes I can give it as to I'll say okay and everything gets regenerated very easily. So here it is showing an error. If it is not possible then it shows an error. Or sorry, I have given it as six because I made it as to I need to make some changes to this as it is not allowing me to do anything. Okay, I'd like to give it us for now. It is accepting Everything is fine.

Sometimes some other features might fail because of the changes that I have made here. So then it will show it in a yellow color and it will highlight the features which are which have faded. Suppose if I altered the spline, the complete structure my change. Now let us try to do that and see. Now, this is a spline that I've created. I need to edit the sketch I want it as through hole, but I want to alter the shape of it.

So what I can do is I can select the sketch from here. I do not know what sketch it is. So I'm selecting all the sketches. So this is the place I'm highlighting it. You can see this is a sketch that I need to enter. So I'll right click on This sketch for and go for edit sketch.

Now, I can alter the shape of it by dragging these points. And then I'll say stop sketch. You can see everything has regenerated I can again switch it off, all these sketches are by default switched off that is they are hidden once an operation is performed on that sketch, so you but they are available so you can always switch them on and see how you can alter them.

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