Design a bottle-Part 1

Fusion 360 for Beginners Let's spin and roll
7 minutes
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Let's start designing a bottle. Going for line command. I can even flick l in the keyboard, selecting the plane. It's always a good idea to dimension as soon as we start drawing. Again taking alpha line tool and defer dimensions. You can now see try to move any of them.

They're not moving because at this point reconstructing the figure has become completely black. Now I'm going to take a three point arc for drawing a three point arc, I first need to select a point which will be the first point of the arc and then the last point of the arc and then I have to select the middle point of the arc which will decide my curvature. Okay, now I can see okay, now I need to dimension it, I can dimension the center of this arc with respect to the origin. I'm giving you that 50 and then I can also dimension this 60. Now you can see again, my arc is fully constrained except for this coverage. So for this also I need to give the dimension if you see this and this I need at the same point.

So instead of giving a dimension, I'm going to give the constraint. So what constraint Can I give us horizontal and vertical constraint. So what this constraint does is these two line points will be aligned to each other after selecting the stool. I'm selecting this point and this point. So here you can see I've got this vertical constraint. So now I won't be able to move this here in there.

Now again, I'm going to take a line. Again, I have to dimension this. You can see while I was drawing it has automatically taken the vertical constraint 50 is perfect for me. Now I'm going to take another arc. This time it will be the center point arc, what I'm going to do is I'm going to click the center first, and then I'm going to draw the arc. You can see I'm clicking it on this line, but I want this point to coincide with this point.

So I'm just dragging it, and it is showing me how it's going to snap. Similarly, we can give as in the previous case, we have given this point and this point, and also the center. So here you can see I have a different curvature. And again, I'm going to draw the line tool. No motherfucker is not fully constrained. If you See, because I have not given the radius of it.

So I will give it around 1818 looks big and give it as see. I think this is good. And now for this line it is again I'll make it 15. Okay, now I'm going to draw another arc, which is the tangent arc. So I'm going to select this point, and you can see the arc that I'm drawing is tangential to the line to which the point is attached. I hope you're getting it.

Let me do it once again. I'm deleting this in sketch. In the arc, I have selected tangent arc. So when I select a point, my arc will be tangential to the line to which this point is attached. Okay, so hopefully I've covered all kinds of arcs. So again, I'm going to dimension it I'm going to give it as 70 and I have to specify the height of this.

So which will almost be the height of the bottle, not covering the neck. So making it to 20. Okay. So now you can see from here, I want my bottle to have the neck. So what I'm going to do is I can just draw a rectangle okay. So but this rectangle actually seems to be quite a lot of work for the neck.

So what I'm going to do is I'll first create a line which is tangential to this. Okay, now I'm going to apply the tangency quoting tangency and I'm applying it over here. And then from here, I'll draw this rectangle. So now you can see, I can again give the dimension for this line. From here to here. Set 30 and this snake is again 30.

I can also get this horizontal distance that is the neck, neck. I wanted 30 again okay

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