Design a bottle -Part 2

Fusion 360 for Beginners Let's spin and roll
6 minutes
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I'm going to delete this line and also this line. I'm going to join selecting the line tool again joining this to the origin. Now, I'm going to apply vertical constraint, so that this line is vertical. Always before exiting sketch, make sure that your figure is closed. How will you know that so when you're clicking in between the profile, you can see that this turning blue, if at all, I do not have this line, suppose if I'm deleting this line I'm trying to select here. It's not turning blue because it's not closed.

If a figure is not closed, it is difficult to do any operation or any tool you cannot apply which is present in create. So the figure has To be close to one. So here my finger is closed and I think it is fully constrained, I'm not able to move anything, it is very important that your finger is fully constrained and no blue lines are visible. I request you to follow this dimensions so that you can apply them for different objects like our Klein and all you get a practice of how to apply the dimensions. Though it is not mandatory to for you to create the bottle only using these dimensions. It will give you a practice on how to do it when you have a drawing available.

So I'm going for stop sketch. Now I can go from my home I can and I can see how this profile looks. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to rotate this profile over an axis so I need an axis. So you can see I have switched on the origin for this, I'm going to create revolve. They've all the first thing it is asking me is to select the profile because there's only one profile available it is already selected and I can select the access, I can select this access from here you can see my axis of Y axis okay. Or instead of that I am again D selecting it, I can select the line also.

That is the line which about which it has to rotate, which is actually a part of my profile. Ok. So here you can see I have my bottle ready. So now How much do I want to rotate naturally for a bottle it is 360 but you can change this over here you can see how my rotation is going to change using this way also I will be able to either the degree to which it has to be rotated for this of course it has to be 360 so I'm leaving it here. Now it is actually making a new body which is what I want. So, if it is a cut, it should have had some material before so that I can use the cut so, now it is new body and I'm saying Okay, now you can see my bottle is ready.

So if I want I can make changes to it or add folate etc to it. Okay, so Here I would like to add a little bit of filat and all. So I can select these tools and I cannot see three mm filler to them. Okay, quite a little. I hope you can see. Okay, now I'm going to use the shell command, which we have seen in the first video.

So I'm going to modify and shell so that I allow only a thickness of this complete contour to remain. I want this part to be completely deleted. And the inside thickness I want is around two women. Okay, this looks good. I can also choose from here whether it's outside or inside what outside means is like complete insight content will be deleted. And for On the outside the same content will be created with the thickness specified over here.

So but I need the outside to remain with the dimensions that I have created. And I'm only going to remove the inside portion of it and make only to remember me so I think this is fine with me. This is the kind of the bottle I'm looking for. I hope this pot is clear to you. I can go to appearances and clicking a for appearances and I can add a color to it. Some glossy color, green see I'm adding it.

Okay, next if you see any bottle you will have thread over here so that the cap can be rotated about it. So In the next video, we're going to create this threat

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