Design a cup

Fusion 360 for Beginners Let's chase the path
9 minutes
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Let's design a cup. I'm not making any exact dimensions. These are only for reference. I'm only making the component proportional. That is the height and the rotation are going to be proportional to an original cup. Have to make it a closed figure.

I'm going to create and rotate this revolve axis here you can see I have this So now I'm going for the shell option, going to modify, and shell. I'm selecting this face which has to be open. I'm giving it to women. So I want this cut to standstill. So I'm going to create an extrusion over here. I'm going to select this plane, I can directly pull this here.

Now I need to handle up so what I'm doing carefully. I'm switching on the origin, so that I can see the planes. I want my handle to be on this plane. So I'm first going to draw the path. So here, I'm again going To the look at option and selecting the front so that is properly aligned. I'm going to sketch and project.

What this project geometry does is it will take the outline and project it onto this plane. So I'm going for the body, so this whole body has to be protected. So here I have this line. Okay, and we're getting, I'm clicking on the front so that is properly aligned. Now here I'm going to sketch a spline. This has to take the shape of a handle.

I can adjust this I'm going for stop sketch. If I want I can delete this. I'm again going to edit skip And I'm going to delete this extra lines which are projected, which are not used. Okay, now I'm going to stop sketch. Now. I'm going to create a plane along this path.

So here it is showing the plane. I wanted somewhere here. If you see here, my surface should be a little bit inside. But for the time being, I'm keeping it at that point. And I'm saying Okay, so this plane that I've created, this will be my sketching plane. for drawing the cross section.

I want the cross section to be a circle. So I'm selecting this place I'm going to sketch and selecting it from here so that it's easier for me to pick. I'm going in selecting the circle option and going to draw this circle. You can rotate and see how my circle is going to be. So here it looks fine. So I'm going to stop sketch, create sweep option.

Now, I need this profile and I'm going to select this as my path that doesn't the cut option. So I'm going for join option if you want you can even go for new body option, but here I'm happy with this join. Now after you create, say ok observe carefully because The plane was created along the path, a little bit of the cross section has come outside. So what I can do is the path that I had created. Okay, this I'm going to modify. Sorry, I've taken the other sketch, I need to take this sketch in which the path has been made.

So this line, I can extend it a little bit inside. Now I can go for wireframe so that I can see. So here, I can actually extend it inside. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to delete this projected path. I'm going to bring this little bit inside. Even here also, I think They get a little bit inside.

This seems to be okay. Let's see, even then it is protruding. So you can see here clearly in the wireframe mode that is going a little bit inside. So what I'm going to do is I have to other one way is I can reduce this circle radius. So here in this mode if you see everything is inside and no path is coming out and everything has touched the surface. This is one thing, the essential good thing about fusion 360 is you can keep editing the sketches dynamically even without going inside the sketch more like how I'm doing it now.

So even if the curvature I do not think Like I can make it like, shape it and dynamically you can see how my cup has changed. So I'm again going to the shaded mode. But this diameter actually looks a little bit too small like it's very can say it's very fragile if you are going to hold my break so it must at least be of this size. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to keep it like this. seen the friend for you, you're getting a little offset. So this shell radius, I can change the shell thickness.

So I'll make it three mm. Okay, so now again, you can see that little bit here, it's coming out. So I can change it. And again, I can make it from oblique 3.5 This looks perfect I can make it shade it and I can see the sky. Now I can add colors and material to it so that I can give an actual shape to it. So I'm going for a appearances will appear.

I'm going to go for glossy I can I can give any color that I need. I can switch up the sketches and also this origin so that I see my cup so you can see After this video you have a quiz. I've given the pictures of some components. Try to understand using which tools you will be able to make those components. You can make them and you can post it to me or you can just answer the question. Thank you.

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