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Fusion 360 for Beginners Let's make Fusion 360 our home
4 minutes
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Autodesk fusion 360 is a very powerful software. It allows us to work in different environments. The first one we are going to see is the modeling environment. And this is the place where we can give shape to our imagination, we can create the components, like how you can see bevel gear and cup that I have made, we can convert 2d sketches to 3d models. We can also create the strain assembly and see how each part moves with respect to the other. We also have surface modeling in this module.

Next is a patch module where we can create surfaces in the sheetmetal module. You can create components usually made using tin or cardboard. On clicking on this module. You can see that my top icons have changed. So here I have flange flattening excetera coming to rendering environment. Me and basically not designing anything in this module we're presenting our products in the real world.

We can visualize them and how they're going to look once they're manufactured by changing background, giving some lighting, adding shadows, we can show others how it is going to look in the physical world. This is very helpful when you're going for product demo promotion. Next is the animation environment. so here we can see how an assembly has taken place. It is very useful for making tutorial videos or preparing instruction manuals. We can create a storyboard and explain how the product works in real time, add annotations and publish it as we do.

For example, We can make a video capturing the car or wooden cabinet that we have designed in fusion 360 in many angles of the camera and upload it to YouTube. Moving on to the simulation module, we apply different kinds of load stresses like thermal load static loads to the component that we have designed in the past module and see how this is going to sustain in the real world. There are many options available to analyze the strength of the component. When we apply loads which the product may have to tolerate in real world, the results generated show us the dislocations or failures if any, this will allow us to redesign for better performance. Next to the camera and you can is computer aided manufacturing, 3d printing and CNC manufacturing are the latest techniques of manufacturing. In this module Autodesk fusion 360 generates g code as necessary for CNC manufacturing, there are many options like setting up the tools which tool to be used for milling, drilling etc.

So all these operations can be seen. We can also see the simulation of how the machining happens on a real CNC machine. Now for the most important module, that is the drawing module you can now discard your drafter as it's very easy to create drawings of the products that we had just made in part module. It automatically gives you top view front view isometric view and also you can dimension them take printout on any paper, like a zero a one etc and also give the annotations, geometric tolerances and many other things. Looking at all the modules and plans might seem overwhelming. This was just to show the capabilities of fusion 360.

We will stick to part module in our course. When we start creating, you'll feel excited, I'm sure. Let's dive into fusion environment.

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