Arc Ellipse and Slot

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5 minutes
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So next Ellipse tool, we have to select the center, then one radius and then the other radius. So this is a very simple tool just like how you're drawing the circle circle you will first draw the center point and then the radius or diameter, but here because we need two points, so the major axis radius, the minor axis radius also we need, so we are going to click for three points. Next, let us move on to our command. Here I have selected three point arc. That is I need to select one point, the next mine and the other third point. Let's do it.

Once again. I can say Three points, first point, second point and the third point. So, this might be useful when you have some vertices or something like that we want to draw. Suppose if I have this rectangle, I want to bring up bring the first point, this point and this point, so you will get it circumscribed. Then, next option in the arc is center point arc. This is very simple just like how you have to select the center first, the second point and the third point you See the showing the degrees.

So, usually if you know these dimensions, how many degrees it has to make you will go for this option, but the first option is the one that is mostly used. The next one is dannion back. So, have you ever seen in the circle tool here we need one line and to this I can draw I can select the point from where it has tangential and then to this line I will get it you can see the constraint over here. No and here I can even select the arc. So, to this arc again the point from the point it will be tanyon If you're using the education version, then you can see that all the commands are the tools that we need. It will guide us, especially in sketch on how they have to be drawn.

If you can see over here, I'm going for slot. So each slot if I click center to center slot, it will be guiding me here and letting me know how I need to create this slot. Here you can read creates a linear slot defined by placement and distance of slot our centers and by slot. So based on these hints, we can understand in which conditions we have to select these tools. So here I've selected two points, and then I'm going to decide the diameter of the box. So this is one kind of slot.

This is the overall slot in which I'll be selecting three point But here, if you see, previously I had selected the two center points of the ask, but here I am going to create by selecting first of all these two points which are going to decide the angle then that is a center point slot. So here I'll be selecting first the center point, then this point and then the radius. Then we have three point arc slot. This is same as drawing an arc about which three point arc you know how to draw. So this three points are offsetting to this we are going to get this slot So then the last one is, center point, two point slot in which we will be deciding the center point first. Then the arc, like how we have chosen for arc and then the offset.

We'll be selecting the offset

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