Toy train assembly - Part 1

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5 minutes
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I'm creating a new file and going to save it as train dice. Now I'm going to the data panel. I'm going to get my paths one by one. When I right click on a part. If I click open, the part will open. But if I click insert into current design, this part will be inserted into the assembly.

Now it is asking me for the correct position. Currently, whatever position is there, I'm going to say okay, similarly, I'll be getting another component. I'll right click and say insert into current design or I can even pull it into the current design. So I'm closing this data panel. Now what is again asking me for the positions. So I'm going to click Cancel, I can move it over here, so that I can see this component.

The first component that we see here can be grounded, that is with respect to this component. I'll be assembling the other paths to this. So I'm going to ground this component. So I'm going to first see my browser. And here I have the string. I'll just right click and see ground.

You can see the small grounding symbol that is appearing near This part So, let us start assembling it. Now this portion should go inside this portion. So, I'm going to assemble and click on joint, the shortcut key is J. Here you can see I've got a command. Now, as you have seen, I had pulled this component. So, it is asking me whether it needs to capture the same position or it can continue in the previous position.

If I say continue, it will continue in the previous position. For example, if I am clicking continue, you can see it has come back to the old position, but I want this to be at this position so that I can see this product properly as otherwise it was intersecting with the previous product So now I'm going to assemble and join, I'm going to click on capture positions so that this remains here itself. Now here I've got component one and component two, in component one, whatever object I'm going to select, that will be more to component to that this. Here, I'm going to select this option. So this point that I'm going to select is going to be coincided with another exactly similar point that I'm going to pick on component two. So here I am clicking this.

My next component is going to be this. Anyway, there's only one left and because it is grounded, anyway this component will come to this but even if it is not grounded, the first question Net will always be moved to the company to. So here it is showing me different options where I can select. I'm going to select this position because it should be exactly seated over here. So now again, it is asking me the exact position. But as this seems okay to me, because I want it to exactly coincide with this, but if I want to give an offset distance, I can very well give.

I can even enter it over here. Now, because this is a static component, it is not going to be rotating or sliding over it. I'm going to pick rigid option and again, going to give zero mm in all directions. So we have a symbol for Company

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