Design a chair- Learn rectangular pattern

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5 minutes
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So this image is going to give us kind of a roadmap on where we are and where we have to reach. So here in this image, you can see we have created this scene. That is, this part of it has been created. Now I need another portion where we actually live back when we are city. So for creating this, what I can do is I can select a plane, I can select a plane which is already there, or I can select a plane by choosing the face that has been created, so these are the faces that are being created. So I can choose this face as my sketching.

So now, I'm selecting this face and going to create sketch. Now you can see how it has already aligned itself. Now this is going to be my top here you can see there's a line that stop now I can go to rectangle again. But this time I'm choosing a two point rectangle. When I click here, you can see first point that it is asking me to hole is the point from where my rectangle is going to start. So I'm clicking for the first point over here, and then I'm dragging it.

You can see it is trying to snap to some other. So here I'm trying to snap it to here. Now again, it is showing the blue line. That means if I say, Okay, I'm coming trying to come out of this rectangle command, I'm easily able to drag this. That means this part just in black, this totally constrained I won't be able to move this black line anywhere, because it has to be fixed to the existing figure. But this blue line has to be constantly So I'm waiting for D and given this dimension, now it is showing the angle of 90 degrees which are not actually need.

So, I'm going to click Cancel. Now, again, I'm going to be and selecting these two lines. Here you can see showing 21 changing. Now go to stop sketch and go to the isometric. Here. Again, I'm going to create extrude.

Instead, I can select this profile which is getting selected because it's a closed surface. Now, I'm going to create an extrude. So here, I can again, fully. So here I needed for about 15. This is all naked. So that in this remains hungry, okay, so I'm going to make it at 5am clicking OK.

So now you can see, coming back to my finger I have created this pack structure also. Now you can see the curvature over here. I can either cut it that way, or I can use a new tool. So here I'm going to modify and clicking on select. What this filter does is it will create a knock at the corner. So I'm clicking this edge and I'm turning my finger using the Rotate tool and clicking on this edge.

So, because two edges have been clicked at the same time, I can modify the style mention which will be applicable to both these edges. So here between Because this is total 100 I'm going to give a desk so you can see now the radius clicking OK. And here you have this. Now I need to create the next, we can refer to the image for next step I have to create the legs on the bottom face. Now, for the sketching plane, I can either select this plane or I can even select this face. It's easier for me to select this face. So I'm clicking on that face and going to create sketch.

Now, if it's easier for you, you can switch to wireframe. Okay, now you can see that this is my back and this is the front of this so I'm going to take again, a rectangle here, I'm going to snap to this point. And here I'm clicking it randomly at some place. Now I'm going to decide what my dimension will be for this link. So here to constrain 17 I think it has 15. And again, this line again to constrain it fully and giving it so now it is fully constrained.

You can do the same thing on the other three corners, but we're going to learn another

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