Design a chair- Part 3

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10 minutes
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We are going to learn a new tool that is called rectangular pattern in which we are going to pattern this rectangle horizontally as well as vertically. So go to sketch and go to this rectangular pattern. Now I need to select the objects that have to be pattern. I'm box selecting it by clicking it and dragging the mouse so that I cover all these objects. So now you can see it is showing me including the points so that is the reason it is showing nine. in which direction I need to pattern it is asking me, so this blue line if you can see here, if I drag it over here it is showing the other rectangles which would be fun.

So here the quantity that you're going to enter will include The base rectangle also. So, if you need total two, it will not create these two, but if you create additionally here also that is existing also it is counting. So say two. Now, this distance What is this distance 70 mm, this is the extent that is within 70 mm, it is going to create two objects that is a distance within the 70 mm it will create 2345 how many other quantity you want if you I'm changing it here you can see 55 I'm going to create within 70 mm but I need only two and here there is another if I know the spacing between two rectangles, I can select this one. So I'm selecting actually the spacing. So, now the distance become because of the quantities to enter It is going to be the same the extent and spacing but if the quantity increases, the value will be different.

So here, I'm going to move it over here. You can see it is at, I'm making it at five. This is the distance between this line and this line, which we know that this 85 because the distance between this line and this line should be 15. Right? So in the same way, I can have it in the other direction. Now it is showing the direction as this, but I need it in the other direction.

As the default is three, I'm making a desktop and the distance is again, of course, minus 85. Okay, so I can take or keep clicking OK. Then I'm going to stop sketch. And again, I'm going for my home option. So now that these four things are selected, what I'm going to do is, let me come back to solid at the shaded, and here I can clearly see my profiles. So I can select all these four by pressing Ctrl Okay, now I'm clicking on E, and I'm dragging all at a time, you can do them one by one also. So to the extent which I want, I can drag them 70 looks perfect for me.

So I'm going to stop at 70. Okay. Now what I'm going to do is things I just have to shot so if someone sits on them, they might get hurt. So, I'm going to add a fill it again, going to modify and clicking Fill it. So I'm going to select all these edges. You can see here it's showing constant radius.

I can select these legs also. And here I'm going to give these five mm well rounded or probably I can reduce it to three. Okay, so here you can see there are three edges that are intersecting over here. They're actually meeting over here. So what kind of fit I need over here I can decide now to swing rolling ball. Observe carefully this area man I'm clicking here.

This call the setback so it is going To change so whichever fill it I need, I can give it I'm going for setback. So even this side now it will become setback. There is an advantage of selecting all the edges at once. Because I can edit them later easily. All of them at a time I can edit editing, of course we'll see in the coming medium. Now, my cheat is ready.

I give a different filat over here, because it has to be much more smoother I see. So I'll go to modify, give a filat here. Now the radius I want is around 10. Let me see if it does see here, the error message. Affiliate or chamfer could not be created at the requested size. So that is not possible.

So I'll give it around six and see whether it is possible. I'll try to make it eight, even then it's not possible. So I'll just stick to Six and then I'll say okay. Okay, so here you are, your chair is almost ready. Now I need to add color to it. So what I'm going to do is I click on a appearances Okay, click on a on your keyboard and appearances dialog box opens.

So here you can see I have different materials that I can add different colors that I can add and this I can add to either faces or to the complete component. So here I can drag this to see the all the other options that are available. I'm going to directly go to paint and give some Glossy texture to it. So I'm selecting a low color This origin doesn't look good. So I'm just switching it off. And here is my chair that is ready.

So I'm clicking close to close this box, I can again switch it off this origin. Now I feel I need to give some texture over here, a whole kind of thing, so that it's easy for me to hold this chair and I carry it here in there. So I'm selecting this as my sketching plane. And I'm going for create sketch. It's sort of a rectangle and all I'm going to create is going to sketch and sketch a spline. What the spline does is I can create curvatures randomly, so I can click on one point, then the other than the other than the other on any desired shape, I can click and I can make a spline.

Then join it to the Starting Point and double click it to end this option. Now I can right click and say okay to come out of spline. You can see how nice different coverages I can make the possibilities are endless when you're going with spline. Here you can see the points that where I have clicked while making the spline. So on this point, what I can do is I can hold this point, and I can drag it here and there. To change my shape, I can also alter its tangency.

If you double click over here you can see this green line. So this I can add to the tangency over here. If I feel that there should be one more point where because I need these two points here and I have to let this go. What I can do is I can click here, right click and see insert spline fit point. So here, I can click the place where I need this point. So I'm clicking it here.

So here you can see another point has been created, which I can move freely. I hope spline option is clear to you. Now I'm going to stop sketch as the sick last figure. Again I can select this face and go to extrude. This time instead of a new body, I'm going first I'm going to cut it and make it whole in this chair, so I can pull it over here it is showing indirect that has cut. Instead of giving a distance what I'm going to do is click on the distance you will find other objects it is saying all because I needed to cut I can select all.

So how much of our material is available over here? It is quite To cut through that material now I'm clicking OK. So here you can see I have added this slot kind of thing to my chair.

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