Design a chair- Learn extrude

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7 minutes
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For creating any component, I first need to select a plane on which I have to draw entities. So I'm going to the origin and I'm switching on this button so that I can see my origin. If I expand the origin, I can see x y, Zed and y Zed planes. So I'm selecting this plane for drawing my finger. I can select the plane and then click on Create sketch. Or I can go for create sketch and then click on the plane on which I have to draw.

So you can see now I'm in it to be environment. So I'm going to sketch this sketch. I'm choosing your rectangle. If I have to draw a rectangle, I can also go for the line entity and draw four lines, but I have the three The main option called rectangle. So here, for drawing the rectangle, I have three options. It's a two point rectangle, three point rectangle, or center rectangle.

What center rectangle does is I have to first select the center. I'm clicking here you can see now I'm being prompted to select a center point for the rectangle, I'm selecting this midpoint, that is the origin. So when I drag the mouse outside, after clicking in the middle, you can see that my rectangle is being formed. I can give another click anywhere on this plane. Now, you can see I have this rectangle. These are called the constraints that you're seeing here.

We'll discuss about this in the coming videos. Now, to come out of this option, I can click escape. Thus, I can come up with the rectangle command by clicking escape, or I can right click and say okay, so now, I'm no more than this rectangle option. When I have to select this rectangle, I only need to draw a box using my mouse that is by clicking and dragging it around it. Now I need to give dimensions but this rectangle that I've drawn, so I can click on sketch, sketch dimensions, or I can just click the shortcut key D in my keyboard. So I'm selecting D. You can see how my cursor has changed.

It is showing that now we are going to give dimensions so I'm clicking on this line for which I need to give the length so I think Clicking just move out. To see this dimension, you can click it again. Now you're ready to edit it. I'm giving it 100. Then, coming to this height, I can again do the same thing. And here, in fact, I need a square and not a rectangle.

So I'm going to click again hundred. So now you can see, before giving these dimensions, my screen was showing some blue lines. That is, my dimensions are not complete. For example, just undo and check. Here you can see there are two blue lines. I'm going to do undo again, just controls it Clicking on undo.

Now you can see my whole rectangle was previously in blue color. After giving dimensions, it has slowly started becoming black, I can click Cancel to come out to the dimension tool. You can see when I'm dragging this, I'm able to drag it because I have not given any dimensions for this so it is straight to move. But when I get the dimension for this, this line will change into black. That is I won't be able to move it in this direction. If you want, you can see this black line over here when I drag it here, not able to do it, because I'm already given the dimension as hundred.

So it has to obey the rule. Now I'm going to give the dimension I'm again taking the I'm taking D. So here, you can see I'm including hundred. So far, so good. Now my rectangle is fully constrained. What I mean by fully constrained is when I click on any point now I won't be able to move my finger here and there, that's fully constrained and it will remain there. Even if I drag it here and there.

Okay, now you can click on stop sketch. And that is from the 2d environment, we are going back to our 3d environment. So when you click on stop sketch, you can see that my finger is still here. So if you want to see the isometric view, you can go and click on this home. Okay, now you can see I'm zooming out using my ruler. So here I can see my square Now I'm going to create.

In this create, I'm selecting extrude is the shortcut key for extrude. When you click on extrude, the first thing it is prompting me to do is to select a profile, which I need to extrude. So I'm clicking on this profile for extruding, I always need to close profile, this is very important. I always need a close profile for extruding it. So now I can pull this arrow mark, or I can enter a distance over here. Now I'm pulling it so that you can see in real time how this box is being formed.

So for me, I needed 5015 mm, I can enter the value over here, or I can even enter it over here. Okay, so you can see here in New body is being formed. Okay, so I can either pull it in this direction, or I can also pull it in the other direction. Now you can see my dimension has changed to negative but I want to keep it positive so that it has been extruded about the clean. So again, I'm going to enter it as 15 now I'm clicking OK. There are other options that you have seen in extra, we will come to them later.

So now, congratulations, you have created your first object in fusion 360

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