Line, Rectangle

Fusion 360 for Beginners Let's deep dive into Sketch
5 minutes
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May have seen many options in sketch, let us see one by one. The first is line, if you see in the line command, I have an arc option also. So here I'm going, I'm going to click at one point, my line starts, I can draw at any angle in here, I can end by clicking. And when I release my mouse again, I'm ready to draw another line. But when I click on the next point and keep my mouse button clicked, that is, when I do not release my finger from the mouse, and then drag it you can see that I'm getting an arm which is tangential to this line. Again, I can press at any point, click at any point and then again, I'm ready to draw another line.

So let's do this simultaneously. Because I'm going to keep it pressed, and then I got an arc. And again, I'm going to keep it pressed and the same point, then again, I'm ready to draw another arc. If I release it and go beyond that point, I can draw another line, but if I keep it pressed, I get enough and again if I keep it pressed, even after the arc i get i can do another arc which is tangential. So if you observe all these arcs are tangential to the previous entity whether it was a line or an arc. Let us see different options present in the rectangle tool.

Here you can see the two point rectangle. This tool bar is actually customized but I can again reset it to panel customization that is the default one that is available. here that you have the first option which is also available over here and you can get it using the shortcut key RS two point rectangle. So, for this I have to click on one point and then diagonal point has to be selected so that I get the rectangle in between if I want I can enter these dimensions or I can edit them by giving the and then giving sketch dimensions. The next option is three point rectangle. That is I'm going to create one point, second point and then the third point can be above or below.

So if I know the length of this line, then I can go for this kind of rectangle. Suppose if you see over here Going for three point rectangle, one point here I can give the second point. That is I can enter in my keyboard and then click enter. You can see here it is showing the lock symbol. So there it is locked. And then again I can enter my second value, which will determine the breadth or probably even the length also of the underside.

Again, I can enter a value, say 60 and say enter. Again, you see the lock symbol over here. Then I can click Enter, and then I have this rectangle. Then we have the other option, which is the center rectangle supposedly by Our first we got to be symmetric, we can choose the origin as a center point. And from here, we can go and select the next point which will determine the complete dimensions of the length as well as the weight. So here, because I've selected the center point about which it is going to be symmetric, I can enter my length over here as 500.

I can say enter. You can see, tangle is ready. Let us see this rectangle once again, in go to sketch rectangle, center rectangle. The first point is the center point. The next point before clicking the next point, though, I can edit the dimensions later. I'm going to enter the dimensions now.

So here if you see the blue highlighted thing, this is the one that I'm going to edit. From my keyboard. I'm giving 200 And then when I click for tab, it will go to the next selection. Here I can enter, say 500. And then again and if I click tab, it will come back to my first point. So if I want I can again add that because I'm satisfied with it.

Now I'm going to click enter. So that these dimensions are given. As soon as I construct this rectangle instead of going for the dimension command

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