How to download files to a personal system?

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So we have seen how we can retrieve this part from data panel. But what should we do to actually get this part to our desktop that has, how can we download it. So here on the top right corner, you can see my profile. In this, if you browse, you will be taken to my hub dot Autodesk 360 dot com. So here are your folders, you can see here and you can browse to your component and here you can see that there are two versions that you have saved. So you can retrieve whichever version you want.

So right now I'm using the second one only. That is the last one. And this version if I want, I can download it using this download button, or change its format also while downloading so the I can import it to some other software. And once I export it here I'm doing it in a 3d, which is fusion 360. So now a download link will be mailed to me on clicking on which I'll be able to download this file to my system.

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