Rectangular and Circular Pattern

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6 minutes
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In this video let us learn about circular pattern. So I'm taking this entity. Now I need to pattern this in a circular manner. I'm going for circular pattern. This dialog box opens. Now first I need to select the objects which I need to pattern.

Then I have to select the center point. I'm selecting this point. Now you can see around this point these entities are being created. Now this is a full circle. So if I need all these entities only up to a certain angle, I can select it over here, like within 180 degrees, these three are created. So even if I increase the quantity, this all will remain within the anchor of 180 degrees, I'm again going for full.

And I can also choose symmetric symmetric in the sense the side and that side is going to remain the same number. So if I have four, on one side it will be more. So the total angle is 360. There's actually no meaning of symmetry because it's a complete circle, it's just going to form so I can take it as 60 degrees. You can see symmetrically about 60 degrees that side and the side. There's going to be two, when I take five as a quantity.

Now if I want I can suppress them. Usually be entity that we use is full. The quantity that means is full. So now If I want I can suppress certain features suppose I can click here, so that that feature is does not appear. So, similarly any entity any shape or a combination of shapes can be patted around it center, center point can be a singular point or a vertex of already existing product also. Let us learn about rectangular pattern.

So, for this I need some entities I can create a rectangle or a spline So this one, I can go for rectangle pattern, I need to select the objects and box selecting them. Here I have 13 selected, so the direction I need to select, usually the default is horizontal and vertical. can see I'm dragging the default is three, I can have it in both directions. So, I can even select this one. So I have it in two directions. Now on these two directions, I can have independent number of quantities that is here I can have five and the below one I can have just three, the number of rows and columns can vary.

And this is the distance because have selected extent option within this distance of 90 mm it is going to have this pattern, but I can change it to spacing that is The spacing between two entities consecutive patterns should be say 50. Okay, so if I'm increasing the quantity you can see the next entity is being created at a distance 50 from the last entity. So similarly here also if I've needed symmetric, you can see the same option, the sign and that side equal number will be created. Here also I can choose that so that one will be at the top and another will be at the bottom. This option is the same as how we have seen in circular pattern. So if I need everything, I don't need to click this one I can keep it on highlighted unchecked, so that everything is visible.

Now I'm control Zed I have clicked and I'm undoing this. Now let us see if we can pattern it about any given direction. So I'm selecting all these entities and then selecting the option. I can right click, and I can see sketch. On the sketch I have a rectangular pattern. Here in the direction I can select this direction, so that now you can see, I can create this pattern along this line, which is indicating the direction of the pattern, and all the other options remain the same.

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