Let's dive into Fusion 360

7 minutes
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Let's dive into fusion 360 workspace. First of all, let me tell you some of the notations that I will be using throughout the course. A left click of the mouse will be referred as click, right click of the mouse would be referred as right click and the middle one asked middle button or roller. for executing operations like rotate, Pan and Zoom, I have to keep the mouse clicked on and move the mouse and release it only when it comes to the design location. Double click on the fusion 360 icon to open fusion 360 environment will open. Your screen can be like this or can be like this.

I'm just showing and hiding the data panel. In the data panel. You can see all the components that one designs in fusion 360 This might be just empty for you. If you're just starting up, you can close the data panel. So here is the workspace. In this workspace, you can see the different icons which will help us to sketch and draw many items that we are going to see in future.

Now I request you to pause the video, please download a part that has been given in the downloads link below. Once you have downloaded this part, you can upload it here using the following procedure. Now we can go to data panel and go to upload. Once you click that, you will get an option to select the files. Browse here to the location where you have downloaded it. Then click on Upload clauses I have already done Read it and opened it in my file, you can close the data panel Do not worry on how this part has been designed.

Now, we are going to design much more complicated components very soon. So this part has been taken only as a reference so that we can understand the tools given over here. Well first of all, let us see the browser in the browser. The first part that we have downloaded here, the title of it appears. Next you can go to the documents settings, you can expand it by clicking on this arrow. Here you can see the units that have been used.

If you want you can change the units and you can see all the dimensions of this component in those units. So here I'm sticking to millimeter. Next, you can see I have named views that is there are some views that this component already takes, like when I click here, I can see the top view of it, friend view of it, right? And home. That is usually the isometric view. The same views that you see here are also available in this cube, you can click on the top.

And using this arrows, you can navigate to other views. Also, when you click on home, we are going back to isometric view. Next is the origin and the browser. So here you can see the most important thing is this URL. This allows us to show or hide any entity in this environment. So these are this is called the body.

So if I'm switching on the body, I won't be able to see it. So I can again, click on the bulk to make it visible. So here in the origin You can see I'm switching it on. I have three planes x, y, Zed, and that x see how they're getting highlighted when I'm just placing my mouse on cursor on them. So this is the origin point. And the others are the three our axes, and these are the planes.

So this component has been designed using some sketches. So here are the list of the sketches that this component has used. Let's see the below components. So here we have orbit. This is how we are going to navigate and move this part in this workspace. The first one you see here, is the orbit.

So this allows us I'm clicking on this if you see I able to rotate this component in this orbit, we also have constrained orbit. Then we have look at tool. What this tool does is I'll just click on this and you can see in whichever plane I want with respect to that plane, I will be able to see the component that is parallel to that plane. Now, when I click Control and middle button, I'm able to panic or I can even click on the span button. Similarly, for orbit, I can click on shift and middle button. So if you see the look at tool once again, we can see that we can Click on this plane and then say look at so that we can view this object parallel to this plane.

Next is this zoom to when actually on the zoom, I can either increase the zoom or I can send it back, which I can do even using the roller button on the mouse. Then when I click fit, it will come exactly into the screen. So if I'm gone very far away by zooming and rotating or panning, I can just click on this fit button so that I can bring this modal exactly into the middle of this workspace. Then you can see here in the display settings, we have visual style called shaded. That is, this whole component is shaded. I can switch to wireframe in which I can See the other lines in the wireframe again, I can make it with hidden edges or with visible edges.

So now all the hidden edges are hidden. So summing up the section let us see what we have learned. If you have any doubts you can leave to me in the comments. From the next video, let us start designing and building something in fusion 360

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