Design a Vase - Revolve

Fusion 360 for Beginners Let's spin and roll
7 minutes
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Let's start making this vast and taking a new design and saving it as c'est la vie. Now I need to get that image here. So I'm going to insert attached canvas. Before going here, I want to be in my sketching plane. So I'm going to create sketch and select this plane as my sketching plane. So now I'm going to insert attach canvas.

So here I can select the face where I want to paste this image. I'm selecting this plane and select image. I have my image over here so browse to your image which you can download from the link below. Now you can see here I've got this Arrow marks. So if you're clicking on this big square, you will be able to move it. Or you can move it in horizontal, vertical.

And you can even rotate it. Okay, but I'm going to keep everything. Wherever it is, only thing I'm going to do is I'm going to place this base exactly near my origin. So here it is. I'm clicking OK. Now you can see the scale is 111. I'm saying Okay, my image is here.

So the dimensions that I'm going to get, if I'm going to place a spot are not known to me. But I know one thing that the height of my flowerpot should be around find it and so what I'm going to do is ask Have to scale it or calibrate this image. So if you see in the browser, there is a new title added, which is called canvas. So all canvases that I'm going to import to this file will be stored here. Like how we are in this first sketch. Here you can see our canvases here.

When I click here, you can see this gets selected. So I'm right clicking on that and see calibrate. for calibrating, I need to select two points. Here I'm selecting the height of the bass, which I want to be 500. So first point, the second point, they're showing it as 14. I'm making it as 500 mm.

Okay, now see fit. Here You can see that there's no I don't find it mm. Okay. If I want, I can right click and even replace this canvas image to some other image. The next part of the video will be fast forwarded as you might be bored to see how slowly I traced this part. Now I'm going to edit canvas and I'm going to move it so that it is just aligned to my origin.

Now let me draw a line which will serve as my axis of rotation. So this is going to decide also the height of this vase. Now I'm going to trace the spot the pillow part is being shown As an art but it is actually a straight line only because of the photograph which is showing a little bit of orthographic view, you're able to view it as an arc. The other part is of course being traced as it is using this blind option. You can also use an arc option. From here I think it's going to be a straight line and even using the arc option for this kind of filler that is appearing over here, then a line and then again a spline if we have more points on this plane We can assure more accuracy by tracing and joining it with the line and now making it as horizontal.

Let me dimension this 500 nm line. Here it is. Now I can make some adjustments to my spline so that it is exactly like the profile behind. I can even add some points. This is fine to check if it is closed or not. I'm clicking in between the profile Now I'm taking this access and default option I'm selecting the profile and selecting the axis.

Here I am. Flava bass is looking almost the same as the canvas. So I'm switching off the canvas right now you can see I have hidden it. Now I can go to the shell option and give the thicknesses to mm. Now my basis ready I'll be adding some color to it using a appearances how many materials also available and I'm just taking glossy color and I'm going to edit this color also

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