Trim, break and Extend

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4 minutes
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Let us see trim external brake tools. For this, I'm drawing some random lines and some other random figures. If you can see here, I have drawn all this as close figures mostly except these lines. So if I'm selecting this line, it will be selected as one line because this has been drawn under one command and this lines also but when I'm extruding it if I want I can select only this inner portion. So it is showing some kind of Boolean operations while I'm selecting In sketch, I can actually disconnect this line from these other lines. So I'm going to trim in the trim command, I can delete this portion which is extending beyond certain other intersecting entity that is for this line, this line has been intersecting yet, and I can delete this line.

But if I want to only make it as a separate entity by not deleting it, I have to choose a break option. So here you can see I'm again doing undo by clicking control set. Now I'm going to break tool here. What I can do is here if you see it's only going to break it over here at the place where it is intersecting. So My name brings the tool. Again, I'm breaking it here.

I'm seeing Okay, I'm coming out to the command. Now you can see I can select this as a separate line. But previously I was able to select this whole thing as one line. Now if I want, I can either change it or move it here in there. So this is a main difference between Clement brake, the brake tool only separates it from that, but it is not going to delete it. But a trim tool actually deletes the extended portion or the intersecting portion which is being selected.

Now you can see the extent tool. What does extend tool does is it will extend any entity tell the next entity, nearest entity you can say. So here you can see if I'm selecting this line, it is going to extend it till this If I am selecting this line, it is extending it till the this line again I can extend this line till this line. So, in the previous case if you have seen it has actually extended it till the intersecting line because this is the nearest entity. Let me show it once again. Now when I'm trying to extend this line, it will extend to the nearest entity, because this line is the nearest entity it was extending only till this extension point of this line.

If this does not exist, it would have Express extended towards this circle. Suppose if I'm deleting this line, you can see when I go for the extend tool, it is extending the circle but if I'm Keeping that line you can see the extent to extents delay nearest point and here again because this line exists it is extending only till here in this line does not exist, this line would have extended the circle. Let us see that once again so I'm deleting this line and when I say it's 10 you can see it is extending till this line so extend to extend the linear rest entity print all deletes the extended portions or the portion which is selected and the brake tool breaks the complete entity at the intersection points

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