Planes-Part 1

7 minutes
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By now, we have understood that we need a sketching plane to first start a sketch for constructing any product. Currently, we have selected the existing planes like xy y Zed, and Zed explains or we have chosen a face which has already been constructed, but we can also construct planes at desired levels, so that we can create complicated objects. So, in this section, let us see how we can construct different kinds of planes, which we can later use for sketching purpose or any operation purpose. Let us first start by creating an offset plane. an offset plane is a parallel plane which we can create using an existing face or an existing plane. I'm going to construct offset plane have to select a face or plane through which my offset plane has to be parallel to then I can give the distance This is one of the most used construction planes in fusion 360.

Next is the plane it angle. First we need to select a line which can be an edge. And then we can rotate the plane that is already created, which is usually vertical plane passing through that line and give an angle to get the appropriate plane. The next plane is the tangent plane. Now I can go to construct tangent plane, I first have to select a face to which it has to be tangential. So I'm selecting this circular face.

Now I need to select a reference planes currently I'm not selecting it. You can see I can rotate this plane along the fees. And from the point that I have clicked First, it has given some annual. But to be very specific about this plane, we need to select the reference plane. So as a reference plane now, I'm going to select one plane selecting this face, now you can see a plane which is parallel to this reference plane has been created. But I can rotate it so that I get a plane which is tangential to this face, circular face, and at an angle with the reference plane.

Next is the MC plane going to construct MC plane. I'm selecting one plane and the next plane parallel to this plane. You can see I've got a plane exactly in the middle of these two planes. Now let us see what will happen if we select two entities Same planes. So I'm selecting these two faces. And here you can see I've got a plane, which is exactly at equal angles to these two planes.

Next is the plane through two edges. I'm going to construct plane through to adjust and selecting these to adjust or lines. So here I could successfully create this plane. Now, let us take this option once again. This time I'm trying to select these two edges, we cannot create a plane passing through these two edges. So we are not able to select them, but I can create a plane passing through these two intersecting lines which line the same plane.

So here, that plane is being created. Now, let us see one more instance. Plain passing through this line and this line. Let's create a plane passing through three points. Here I'm going to construct a plane through three points. Here, I can select any three vertices and I'll get a plane passing through these three points.

Let's do it once again. these vertices can lie in any plane. And on any object. I can create a plane passing through any of the three points lying on any of the phases. So, let me show you how first, I go to create sketch and sketch a point. Now I'm going to create another point on some other plane.

Now, for my third point I'm selecting this face So now I'm going to construct claim through three points, I'm selecting these three points next to the plane tangent to face at point. So here I can go to construct. And if you see this feature, I will be needing one point, which is passing through this face. So let me first construct that point. So I'm taking offset plane. And on this plane, I'll create a point just passing through the circular face.

So now again, I'm going to this option construct, plane tangent to face at point. So when I select this point, and the face you can see I've got a plane passing through This point and tangential to this face

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