Fusion 360 for Beginners Let's deep dive into Sketch
5 minutes
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Next let us move on to circle command. Here you can see there are many types of circles that we can draw using the different data that is given to us. So the first one is the most simplest one and just need to select the center and then the diameter I have to enter. You can see here after clicking enter, I'm getting this lock symbol. If I click enter here, again, then I will get this circle. Here again again, edited.

So this is the most simplest one and this is the most often used circle. And then we have the next one as a to find circle. Here what we have to select this first. The point that we are going to click is the point Which is going to lie on the circle. And then the other point, which is again going to lie on the circle, but you can give the diameter over here. So this other point is going to be the diameter that is going to decide the diameter.

So you see 500 you can see it is locked. Now, wherever I want, I can click or I can just click take two random points, click so that I get this circle and again give the dimensions on my own. The next circle tool is a three point circle. So the first point, second point and the third point Going to decide the diameter. So here you can see, only the direction I can change because already these two points are the cord. So they decide the cord so the other point in this direction or in this direction I have to select.

I click Enter again I can select that point. Let's see how to draw a tangent circle. So here we have two tangents. First I need two lines. These lines can be intersecting lines as well as parallel lines. So I'm selecting these two lines.

And you can see I can enter the radius or just click randomly and then again enter the radius. So now I'm selecting these two the other two lines. And here I have a circle. I'm selecting these two lines. Here you can see it is showing 21. I'm giving it as hundred.

You can see now my circle is extended outside so that it abides to the rules that it has to be tanyon shell and as well as it has to have the radius 100 Now we have three tangents circle, that is we need three lines, the three lines cannot be parallel to each other, at least one of them should be an intersecting line. So here we know that these two lines are not parallel to each other. None of these lines are actually but there can be two lines which are parallel to each other. And the other one can be anywhere else. So I'm going for this option. Circle, three tanyon circle.

So this line, this line and this line. So at these three points, I've got this circle I'm trying to dimension this circle. If I give it as find it because my lines are still not constrained and did not have dimensions, so it has moved to maintain all the rules that is tangency rules as well as standard diameter.

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