Solo 2

6 minutes
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The second solo a Freddy kings, butterscotch goes like this, we'll take it on the end of the first solo. All right, kind of fun to play this first part, he's going to go to the C, long C scale or could be over the two which is an A minor. But I'm playing around between the fifth and the seventh frets mostly on the third and the fourth strings. He starts into it from the end of the first solo. He's gonna slide down and then he's gonna come into This, what I'm doing is sliding from the fifth to the seventh fret on the fourth string. And going back and forth between the fifth fret of the third string and the seventh fret of the fourth string.

That's the first leg, it's going to climb. And I'm doing that same slide five to seven on the fourth string, bending up on the seventh fret of the third string and getting the fifth fret of the first string. So the whole same thing so far, we've got this. We got this. So this time, we're doing that same slide five to seven on the fourth string. We're going to the fifth fret of the first string we're playing around on the seventh fret The spread of the third string, seventh fret of the fourth string.

Let me play the whole thing so far. Then he's gonna go into this leg, check the tab for this, that first leg, I'm starting on the fifth fret of the third string, and then bending up on the seventh fret of the third string. ending up again. So it's like this. That's how it plays out. So it's basically those three notes.

And this one would be good to check the tab. This is one of you just got to kind of memorize and get the feel for it, then you'll know how to play it and he's gonna walk into the next part a little differently. He's gonna go from the Fifth to the seventh fret on the on the fifth string like this. So let's do the whole solo up to that point. So again, we're going just playing around in the same three or four note area, toss it in the first string fifth fret, check the tab on this he does so much switching back and forth between the same three notes. I think I'll really confuse you if I try to go through it.

After he finishes that he's going to go back to the first position blues box with one of these slides in context, so the whole thing so far will be just take it. So we've got that we're coming back into the first position blue Xbox, I'm sliding from the seventh to the ninth fret on the third string to the eighth fret of the second string to the eighth fret of the first string. So you got that leg. And he's gonna do one of these descending rhymes that we've done that before. He's got a band on the 10th fret of the third string, quick pull off 10 eight third string, 10th fret, fourth string. Let's do that from the start or from the, let's just do the whole solo all the way through Then right here so he's doing another one of these typical Freddy King lick, but he's gonna band on the 10th fret of the third string and hold it too far, he doesn't quite bend it that far like this.

And again, he's gonna walk through the 10th fret of the fifth string and slide it down the head into the next verse. So check the tab for all that a lot of these licks are very similar to things we've already done either in this song or other songs. Just that little variation that he did, that makes each one of his licks unique even though it's basically the same notes, the same pattern. Let's take that whole solo through this time. I'll play it as slow as I can. And we'll be done right.

Kind of hard to play it that slow but hopefully with that, you see what I'm doing there.

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