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For the antec Freddy kings wash out he is a pattern that he'll use and another song later called sensation. Let's take it from the five and then I'll play the tag and then we'll take it apart. So what we're doing here, we're just really walking down the first position G bar chord blues scale, starting from the third fret of the second string 353, the third fret of the sixth three on the second string 653 on the third string, on the fourth string, to the fifth fret of the fifth string. So let's play it online. Time slowly. Here's where it gets a little tricky.

I know that Freddy King did this and a someone showed me this. But he plays something real quick before he goes to the last court. And it sounds almost like an open string open fifth. I can't hear sixth string third fret. You listen to it and see what you think. When he does this in a he plays the open fifth string, which is an A, but he may do it anyway here so I hear something like that.

Just a quick note, thrown in and muted right away. He's gonna play this Freddie King ninth ish chord, which is really cool. I always thought he played a ninth chord here. But if you listen carefully, that's not what he's playing and one of my subscribers on my YouTube channel, old school blues guitar. pointed out that I was playing this wrong and explained how to play it. And I'm really grateful for that, because this is definitely what Freddie King is doing.

Best way for me to explain this, since I'm not a great chord person. I know how to play a lot of chords, but I just don't know the names of it, but it's almost a B, seventh shape. So if you take your B seventh chord, and you move everything over and put it here, it's like a G nine, seven type chord. This is what he's playing and what I'm doing, let's get the G chord first. This is what he ends the song on. I've got my second finger on the third fret of the sixth string, that's my G. And then my first finger is on the second fret of the fifth string, but I'm also kind of laying it on the second fret of the fourth string.

Then my ring finger is on the third fret of the fourth string, and my pinky is on the third fret of the second string. I don't play the first string Listen to the end of Freddy kings washout, and you'll see what I'm talking about. So he goes from that open string, and then he plays it here like an A flat. So there, it's just the same shape with the second finger on the fourth fret of the sixth string. That's what I call the Freddie King knife core. That's what he's playing there at the end.

He didn't look at the court section at the beginning of this lesson series. Go back and look at the Freddie King courts and this is the only one he does that's really unusual. The rest are pretty standard that Freddie place. Let's do that. One more time slowly. There we have Freddy kings, wash out.

The key of G really fun instrumental to play

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