Verse 2

7 minutes
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The second verse of Freddie King San Jose includes a lot of single string picks and bends and let me go ahead and play it through one time without a backing track and I'll try to keep the timing as good as I can. We'll take it from the end of the last verse. There's first number two Freddy King, San Jose. So he starts it out from the turnaround at the end of the first verse. He's gonna go right into this, some bending up on the 10th fret of the third string to the eighth fret of the third string. Kind of holding that.

This part when he does a lot of these, the picking on the third and fourth strings, I'm going to have you check the tab and I'll play it real slow and try to explain now the trickier parts or anything he does in terms of variations, but for me to repeat the notes and the string numbers and the fret numbers that come in, it really confuse you here. So instead, he bends up. That's the first lick. And then he's gonna go here. And he's gonna go from the 10th fret of the fifth string to the eighth fret of the fourth string. And that's going to set up this next lick where he's going to start from the 10th fret of the fourth string See how I did that.

So I'm starting from this. When I'm picking up on this band at the 10th fret of the third string, I'm actually picking as I'm bending up, back. So right there, he's gonna pick three times. And then right before the stop time, he's gonna again pick the 10th fret of the fourth string, and then the stop time goes like this. where he's gonna bend up twice and he's gonna go here. Quick band then That hangry kind of holds that one finger band on the third string.

That's really important to get the Freddy King type sound. If you play this too fast, then you kind of lose the soul of it. So he's gonna do this Oh, then he's gonna go. What I'm doing here is bending out on the third string, eighth fret, pulling off 10 eight on the fourth string and winding up on the 10th fret of the fifth string. That's a little pull off thing that Freddie King used a lot. So we got this.

Then we're gonna do this lick. So we got let's play the whole thing so far that we've got here. So we start out the lick. So he's gonna go bend up on the 10th fret of the third string, bring it back down and then hammer on eight to 10, another one of those bending the eighth fret of the third strand and wind up on the 10th fret of the fifth string. So we got this this lick right here. So I'm bad enough.

Just follow the tab on this. And this time, when he wraps up the verse, he's gonna do one of these double stuff. And what I'm doing is starting from the 10th fret of the fourth string got my First finger on the eighth fret, second and third string. And I'm hammering my second finger onto the ninth fret of the third string, but I'm also getting the second string, it's a double stud. He's picking it twice. Then he's gonna flatten out the ring finger on the 10th fret of the second and third string and go back to that hammer on double stop.

And then he's gonna play this G augmented. And I'm getting this chord shape. It's like a f shaped chord, and just move everything over a string. So my first finger is by the eighth fret, second and third strings. My second finger is on the ninth fret of the fourth string, and my ring finger is on the 10th fret of the fifth string. What I do is I pick the fifth string, fourth string, and then upstroke, the double stop, which is what I think Freddie was doing.

So we got this. So that whole turnaround goes like this. Try it again. Right there. So let me try to play the whole second verse through slowly, one time from start to finish. And again, when he's doing a lot of this stuff, I think you're better off just looking at the tab listening to the original and knowing that he's playing this between the eighth and the 10th fret on the third and fourth strings, and you can pretty much figure out what he's doing.

If you want to play it exactly like he did, then use the tab listen to the original, or you can just kind of get some different ideas of what he does, and you can improvise when you play it and throw it in, whichever you don't have to play this in any set order. So let's take it from the end of the previous verse. That note on the last time around when you do that turn around to make it sound really cool. You gotta get the four straight. I just missed it, look it up at the camera. So that is the end of verse number two for Freddie King, San Jose.

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