Solo Part 2

4 minutes
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Then he's gonna go to this really cool lick like this, which is a typical, really neat Freddie King thing. And that band, I'm starting out leading into it going from the sixth fret to the eighth fret to the 10th fret on the second string back to the eighth. The band really over the second first position, C barre chord, which is our four in the song, so on the 10th fret of the first string, I'm using a three finger band with my other two fingers also on the first string, bend up and hold it and then when you start bringing it back down, you're picking the 10th fret, right before you get back to the normal position. It's kind of got to listen to the original song and hear what I'm talking about. So a ban He's picking that 10th fret before he gets all the way that done with the band.

And he's got a nine eight on the first train right there that I hear. He's going to get the eighth fret or sixth fret of the first string and up on the eighth fret and a quick pick on the sixth fret of the first string and then get the eighth fret again twice. He likes this note. You can see why cuz it sounds so good. So that hole it goes like this. And that's the next lick and Freddy King solo for set night out.

Then he's gonna play this lick. Please, that's what I hear. So we're bending the third fret of the second string Bringing it back down fifth fret of the third string, fifth fret of the fourth string. And then another one of those one fingered bands on the third fret of the second string. And when it gets here to the fifth fret of the fourth string, it's kind of hard to hear what's going on. Sometimes I hear I'm picking that twice like this.

Other times I hear I'm going to the third string or something like that real fast. So the whole along those lines, but I'm not sure you listen, you could play it either way. You could play it like this. If you want to know how Freddie plays it, I think he's going back and forth on that. And then the last lick of the solo for setting it, the last phrase, he's going to do this To wrap up the first solo verse and this is a typical Freddy King lick, where the first position g blue Xbox, I'm going from the third fret to the fourth fret on the third string to the third fret of the first string, six fret of the second string like this that's it hang a little bit like a hammer he's gonna get the second string third fret band on the fifth third string, fifth fret, pull off five, three on the third string to the fifth fret of the fourth string third fret, fourth fret, third string, third fret second string on the fifth fret of the fifth string.

So that whole last part You can toss in a little bit of a D seventh chord if you want. So there are all the phrases in the solo for Freddie King said, right? Oh, and a lot of those are things we're going to be using over and over again as we get into his different solos in his instrumentals.

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