Verse 4/Solo 2

5 minutes
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The fourth verse again, I don't want you to call this verse or solo because he winds up playing some solo type runs, but we'll call it the next first fourth verse or solo to I can't remember what I called it on the tap. But anyway, this is what he plays next. He comes out of that previous verse with this leg is gonna go into this. That's roughly what he he plays there. And this first part what he's doing is is hammering on pulling off on the second fret of the third string and he's doing Doing this over the one. And it's kind of tricky timing because right before he goes into the four, he's gonna right there, he's gonna go to the D or the four.

So this first part, I don't know if how often he's picking and how often he's just letting the sustain on the guitar do the work. And if you're turned up really loud, this is a lot easier to do. But he's got to try to keep it in time. So let's start from the end of the previous first. Right. What I'm doing here is sliding from the second fret of the third string to the sixth fret of the third string and then the first fret of the fifth string On the second string, check the tab.

The coolest part of this is when he bends and then hammers on into that note, so the whole lick is like this. Then he's gonna go fifth fret of the third string, seventh fret of the seventh string, fifth fret of the of the first string, and so then back to the seventh fret of the fourth string. And then fifth fret of the third strike. So that whole deck here and I hear eight five on the first string, kind of a quick then return it to the seventh fret of the fifth string. Back and forth. Seventh fifth fret third string, seventh fret fourth string, this is another one, check the tab so I don't confuse you, but he does this Oh, it's gonna do this double pull off thing.

And then just one time. So what I'm doing there is hammering on pulling off between the fifth and the seventh fret of the third string, go into the seventh fret of the fourth string and then back to the fifth fret of the third string. So it's like this. Then I'm gonna do the same thing on the fourth and so the whole thing let's do that whole lick comes out of this and then he goes into one of these Something like that. And so what I'm doing here, I'm going this fret third string 657 on the second string, the first string and then a long band on the first string, eighth fret of the third, the first string is what I'm bending, but I've got my other three fingers in there and bring it back down to the eighth fret, fifth fret of the first string and then back to the third string.

And then another one. did another turn around. So let me try to play that whole verse all the way through. I try to keep the time I'm going to keep the timing going. Right? not perfect but that's what he's playing.

So there's the next verse of Freddy kings sensation

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