Solo 1

8 minutes
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Out front goes like this. Pretty darn close. There are a couple places where I'm not exactly sure what he's doing, but most of it is pretty straightforward. The first leg that he plays is this ECE E double stop where he's going to slide into it. So I started out with my both fingers in the in this position my first finger on the second fret of the second string, my second finger on the third fret of the third string, and I'm picking the third string and slide into the fourth fret that I'm gonna pick the second string And then with my first finger gonna bend up just a little bit. So this is the leg.

Like I've done a little too much, listen to the original and you'll see what I'm talking about, there's just a slight bend with the first finger that he's gonna play this twice. Again, that same position with the two fingers sliding from the third to the fourth fret of the third string, picking the second string with my first finger at the third fret, so we're going to do this twice. Then we're going to slide back down from the fourth to the second fret of the third string, open and then second fret of the fourth string, open, second fret of the fourth string, so the whole salvo so far, we've got this. He's gonna do it again. where he's sliding sliding back down and open on the third string. So check the tab.

For that. Let's do the whole thing so far. Now the song goes over the A or the four. So we're going to play over the first position, a barre chord. And what we're going to do is this lick. We're really just playing over a, a seven chord here, and I'm sliding in with a double stop.

Same finger position we had here for the E, but we're going to move it over the first position, a barre chord. So that becomes an A we can also get the open first string in that so you hear this and if you listen to the original recording, it sounds like he's picking and stroking up and getting that open first string. Then he's gonna go seven, five on the first string on the eighth fret of the second string. And the easiest way I think to do that is just use your pinky. And then he's gonna do it again. And then and then back to this lick over the first position.

So that second part over the A, we've got this check the tab for that. Then he's gonna go open first string, third fret of the second string, open second string, second fret third string, open third string to the first fret, open first string. So something like this is gonna wrap it up with playing the open first string, second fret of the of the third string open like we did before and just pick it. It sounds like he's picking, so it gets more than one string. It's not just single notes. Sounds like this.

So let's do the whole solo so far we've got this. That's pretty darn close to what he's doing and then he's gonna come to this East seventh double stop. And this is a part where I really can't figure out what he's doing for sure it just doesn't sound right the way I'm doing it, but I can't think of anything else right now. So what I'm doing is sliding into the seventh double stop. And then I'm gonna wrap it up, it's either here with this double stop with my first finger on the ninth fret of the first string and my second finger on the 10th fret of the second string. Or you could be doing this which sounds a little different, but still listen to the recording and see if you think I'm right or wrong and this and maybe you can come up with the right answer here.

What I'm doing here is just putting my pinkie on the 14th fret of the second and third string. really the same thing as this. Sounds just a little different, because you're using the second and third strings instead of the first in a second, but he plays something like this. See what You think and then he's going to go into this. And that's very similar to what we did in hideaway. These pinches, I'm pinching with the pick on the third string, and my second finger is getting the first string.

So I've got this of the 12th and 13th fret, so the first and third string. Now going into the seventh, I'm sorry, the ninth and the seventh fret with my ring finger on the ninth fret of the first string, my second finger on the ninth fret of the third string, just moving that to the seventh fret, so we've got and then we're gonna go for the second and then we're gonna hammer on to the first fret of the third string. And it's a little more than that, but that's just I'll take you to that point. So let's play that whole last part of the solo. So we started here and then he's gonna do this. So the whole thing sounds like this context.

Let's take it from here. That's what he's doing and this is just a variation on this, this E open strings, lick and the E, I'm gonna get the open so I get this open first string third fret of the second string open, sliding second to fourth on the third string. Open first string back to the second fret of the third string. Hammer onto the first fret of the third string open first So I've got this seventh chord to wrap it up. Let's play the first solo from pretty kings out front all the way through one time slowly and that's the end of the first seller for out front

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