Soloing Positions

Freddy King: The Classic Instrumentals (Volume 1) Introduction & Learning Resources
7 minutes
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If you're new to the Freddie King style or electric blues in general, I think it's helpful to understand some of the positions that Freddie King is going to be using in these instrumental songs and positions that he used in all his different songs. I'm not a music person. And the way I understand things in the way I played lead guitar is by following the courts. And there's two basic positions that Freddie King played in a lot, what's called the first position blues box and the second position blues box. And the basic notes I'm going to show you here on the guitar neck and the key of A, the key is to find the first position barre chord of whatever key you're playing it. So if the song is an A, this is the first position, a barre chord, and I have this charted out in the court section.

And the notes that are in the first position blue Xbox are pretty much right over the top of the A or if you put your pinkie on the eighth fret of the second string Got an ace seven. So that note is in there, the seventh note. So what we've got is something like this. And those are the notes that Freddie King played the most, maybe here. And then sometimes, you get that note. And so what I'm doing hairs right over that chord, and you can check the diagrams and see which notes I'm talking about.

Specifically, if you already know this stuff and move on, don't worry about it. This is more for beginners or people who've never played electric blues. And then those same notes right, that time through I'm just picking on a plane. In other blue skies, of course, they're gonna ban they're gonna do double stops and mix those notes together in all kinds of different ways. But just understand, so Freddy kings playing in a he's gonna be playing over That first position blue Xbox more often than not, he plays in G. He's gonna be playing those same basic notes over that chord, which is a first position G chord, it goes into C. He's playing the same thing. First position, blue Xbox is where Freddie King played most of his stuff.

So it would be wise to check out the diagrams and familiarize yourself with this. If not, as you go through each song, you'll you'll kind of learn this. And then the second position blues box if you take that first position barre chord shape, and we get that note, remember the seventh note and a seventh that is where you start the second position blues box which is really just four or five notes. So in a, we got the 10th fret and the eighth fret of the first string, 10th fret and the eighth fret of the second string. Sometimes he used the ninth fret So a lot of stuff, you'll hear this that's all in what's called the second position blues box. So if you're playing in the key of A, you can play those notes 10th fret, eighth fret on the first and second string.

This one in particular, that's used a lot. And sometimes people call that the blue bands right here, the 10th fret a three fingered ban. That's one that pretty King used a lot. So most of his solos, most of the things that you hear in his instrumental songs are gonna be played in either the first position blues box, or the second position blues box. Now he does go beyond that. And then the second half of this introductory video on Freddie kings plane and his positions we'll cover some of those real quick.

Another position that Freddy King plays in quite a bit is what's called the first position he or the position. Basically what we're talking about here is playing over a first position equal or you can play it like this, which is the traditional way to play this chord, first finger, first fret of the third string, second finger on the second fret of the fifth string, ring finger on the second fret of the fourth string. But in electric blues and a lot of acoustic blues guys will play it with one finger getting both the second I'm sorry, the fourth and the fifth strength like that. You can also make it a seventh pretty easily by dropping your pinkie to the third fret of the second string. And the E position involves a lot of open strengths and Freddy would use this quite a bit. And when we get in there to his instrumentals hideaway just Pick him funny bone and there's another one and he that we're going to do I can't remember the name offhand.

But anyway, these are all using the position and even his tune in a sensation that we're going to get into he's going to do some licks over this position. So the basic e position is a simple way to start it you're playing really a first position blue Xbox, and we don't have a place to put our first finger to make a bar chord so instead and the nut here is the bar. So we've got third fret first string, open first string, third fret, second string, open, fourth fret, third string, second fret, open, so we've got and then we've got second fret fourth string, open, same on the fifth string, open sixth string third fret open All kinds of I mean, that just sounds like blues. But anyway, you could also put in the second fret of the set first string, second fret of the third string, or a second string.

But Freddie a lot of times won't use those. So just play something like. And you'll hear this a lot. This is all over the first position he. So some of the double stuff you'll hear stuff like that. Those kinds of licks are all played over this eat position.

One of the more interesting things you can do here is hammer on to the first fret of the third string. And Friday, I'll do that a lot. And then go to the open first string, and then go into an extended run something like that. So check out my diagram for the end. See which notes you can play which ones you can't. And as we go through these instrumentals when we get into the songs and he in particular will be using this position quite a bit

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