Stop & Verse 5

6 minutes
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The fifth verse of hideaway is by far the most interesting and most difficult to play in one, probably the most famous part of the song. And Freddie King comes out of the previous previous verse of the beast seven. Then he goes into this right there, we're gonna just tackle that part first and then we'll try to put the whole thing together. So what he's done, he's playing this beast, seventh chord. Freddie King chord, I call it Freddie King. seventh row.

Hooker use this one a lot, too. But what I've got is my first finger on the ninth fret first and second strings, my pinky on the 12th fret, first string, and then my second fingers on the 11th fret of the third string, and my ring finger is on the 12th fret of the fourth string. So you've got this He's just playing that twice. So one more time slowly. Now we're gonna do the double stop slides, which are really the most difficult part of this song or any of the songs on this whole lesson series to play, we're going to start at the 12th and 13th frets on the first and third strings, and this is really an E, my first finger is on the 12th fret of the first string, and my second finger is on the 13th fret of the third string pinch that wants that we're going to move my hand down the neck and then shift the position to where my ring finger is on the ninth fret of the first string.

And my second finger is on the ninth fret of the third string. And that's the position we're going to keep the rest of this run here. So we got this and we move it to the seventh For a second, open so just got to kind of memorize the so we've got this the open just plucking the first and third strings, meeting with my right hand Part One more time that we're doing this. What I'm doing is from the open, I'm sliding from the second to the fourth, back to the second, open, and then right away, sliding again second to the fourth. Back to the second, open on the second fret. Check the tab for this.

That's the best way because I tried to teach this I'll probably just confused the heck out of you. Let me try to play the whole thing. real slow all the way through. We'll take the cord in there too. right there I think we got it. And then we're gonna he does a little late in, something to lead in.

And then the bad place he stays out. But he does throw in a couple of days. That's all he does during that time he's out. So listen as they play over the floor, you've got the, you know, if I was playing the bass on the guitar, you'd have just throws those in like that. And then he's gonna go to this part, which we've done before. A little differently instead of playing this.

I don't think I played this right when I played it through the first time. He's Gonna go like this open second string, second fret of the third string, hammer on to the first fret of the third string that is gonna go into this. And then right here instead of just playing, he's gonna play and kind of get the B seventh chord, the high strength E. So what I'm doing here, I'm making my B seventh and I'm picking up, second string, open, thirds, third string, and then kind of letting that ring out and that's going to lead into the next verse, which is the Peter Gunn thing. So let's go back through this first. This is verse number five, the stop time verse. And let's see if we could play the whole thing all the way through.

When I get to the after I play the double stop. I want to go ahead and play that Just so you can see where I'm throwing in those. Those risks right there, listen to the song, check the tab. I've got this on there for you. So here we go. Forgot to get the height.

And that's how he ends up that verse. So there is probably by far I shouldn't say probably by far the hardest first to play this part and the pinches. gotta practice those over and over again. If I practice them I can play up pretty smoothly but if I haven't played them for a while, I got to go back through and get that coordination down. It's very staccato kind of a you know, each one is a distinct plot of the string he just started out slow nowhere to play it and then try to speed it up as you go, and then see if you can play along with the original recording.

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