Intro & Verse 1

5 minutes
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Ready kings just picking. first verse goes like this. There we have the first Rex, he's starting out the song on the floor in the key of A and this little bass rod. He's actually playing over the forecourt and I'm going from the third fret to the fourth fret on the fifth string to the second fret of the fourth string. And then back and forth twice between the fifth fret of the fourth string and the second fret so we got this and then the open a one more time. Then he's gonna go to an a seven which I think he's picked up with this first finger number four, it had a finger pick on his first finger, I'm just using a flat pick an upstroke.

The whole thing so far that he's gonna go into this rolling lick over the E. What I'm doing is I'm hammering on the second fret of the fifth string, and then the open fourth string back to the second fret of the fifth string, third fret of the sixth string on the second fret of the fourth string. It goes like this. This East seven shape back and forth between the open first string and the third fret of the second string. It sounds to me like when he does this, he's picking up and catching, not just the string he's picking but also the strings around like this is a thicker sound sounds like more than one string, and this is just an E seven chord. So my first two fingers, I've got my first finger on the first fret of the third string, and my second finger is getting both the fourth and the fifth string at the second fret.

And he's doing that little melody so it's like that. Then he's gonna go to the beach with this little bass rod, so I'm going to again, open fin, hammer on to the second fret of the fifth string, open for like that. Then walk into the beach. Open fifth first fret second fret. Then he's gonna play this little riff on the beach app. This is a B seven chord, and what I hear is he's picking the second string, which is open, and then the third string, getting a little bit of the fourth and then picking up getting the first and part of the second string.

So we got this. Listen to the original recording, and you'll hear how he does this. And then he's gonna go into one of these, one of these base roles, so again, I'm right on to the second fret of the fifth, open for Weiss, third fret of the sixth string. The first time he does this in the first verse, it's hard to hear if he goes to this note, the fourth string, replace the open he, I, every time I listen to it, I lean toward the other one, but I really think he's doing that winding up on the second fret of the fourth string. So he does this, let's take it from the five. Then he does the first of what's going to be a lot of these open he licks, open first string, third fret of the second string, open, second string, third string, and sometimes open sometimes he just plays or you might, you'll see, there's gonna be some variations on that.

So let's go through the first verse of just picking nice and slow. There we have verse number one a Freddie king.

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