Solo 2

6 minutes
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Second solo Versa Freddy kings out front goes like this. Something like that. And he's gonna start out with these IE seven double stuff. So the E seven double stop, my first finger is on the 10th fret of the first string, ring finger on the 12th fret of the second string and he's gonna slide into it like that. And he's gonna go back and forth. So the whole first leg is gonna do another one.

So those are the three Double East seventh double stops going between this position and one step below. So he starts out right here. He's gonna do the single string lick, based on the on the double stop position, I'm going to slide from the 10th to the 12th fret on the second string to the 10th fret of the first string, band up on the 12th fret, bring it down to the first string, back to the 12th fret of the second string, look at the tab on that so I go like this. Then I'm gonna do this really unusual one fingered band, the 12th fret of the third string, I'm gonna go like this. And what I'm doing is just bending that one fret and he's gonna bend up And then he's gonna stay there, he's not gonna bring it back down and just keep bending and pick it again and go a little bit higher.

Something like that. Listen to the rest of the recording and try to get this exactly how he did it, then he's gonna do it one more time. So that's that funny sounding band that you hear it took me a while to figure out where he was playing that, but I'm pretty sure it's on that 12th fret of the third string. So we got this. It's gonna climb. The only way I can feel that figure out that he's playing this is starting from the 12th fret of the fifth string to the ninth fret of the fourth string to the 12th fret.

Same thing on the third string. And he's gonna ban the 12th fret of the third string, that same note, so let's do that whole little sequence there. And you've got that part, listen to the original again and see if you can see what I'm talking about. Then he's gonna come back to the first position he but he does this really weirdly, I think I hear a real quick open first open second something like that. So I'm going to open first open second second fret of the third string, hammer on to the first fret, open first string, third fret of the second string something like this. So it comes out of this right here.

That look I hear pretty good. He's gonna slide the double stack. We did this before into the A over the first position, a bar core Mostly the third string, fifth fret, sixth fret, but you may have the second string in there too, mainly because the next leg is gonna be the fifth fret of the second string and the open first string, slides in on the third string, and the second string that he plays that lick. So the whole it goes like this. Like that, and then he's gonna go second seven, fifth fret on the first string. Do that band, this time on the eighth fret of the second string, winds up on the fifth fret of the second string.

So this lick is really cool. And then he's gonna go back to that first position, which we've done before, check the tab, and then he's gonna finish it up a little differently. So instead of doing one of these, he's gonna do a ban on the third fret, second fret of the third string, open third and then the second fret of the fourth string. So we got this, something like that. And that's the end of that verse. Let's try to play the second solo verse through this one's hard.

This is maybe one of the hardest solo verses of all these 11 songs that we're doing here. Just got a lot of tough righthand stuff going on here. So let's go ahead and take it from the beginning. Something like that. That's how he wraps up the second solo verse.

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