Solo 2

7 minutes
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Next Ella and Freddy King, San Jose goes like this. Something very close to that. That one's kind of hard to play without the backing track, but he's gonna kick it off much like he did the first show. And he's gonna do this climbing rock climbing round, but he's doing it fast. He's coming back to this. And I'm just going back and forth between the 10th fret of the fourth string and the eighth fret of the third string with my right hand muting the strings.

So we got this check The tab practice the muted one more time is going to go here. Now what we're doing for the first time really we're playing in this scale. This is a C. second position barre chord. This is what you call a long C chord. And we're playing mostly between the fifth and the seventh frets, which is right in that area. And so if you watch the chord in the soloing positions video at the beginning of this lesson series, I talked about this a little bit.

And what he's doing is mainly playing between the fifth and seventh frets on the fourth string and the third string so we kick it off with this. So I'm hammering on five to seven on the fourth string by seven On the third string back to the seventh fret of the fourth string. You can check this out on a tab so I don't confuse you. So the whole thing is gonna wind up on the fifth fret of the third string and he's gonna go into this. He's gonna go back to the first position, blue Xbox, so let me play it in context. So he's gonna go and then wind up on the eighth fret of the second string.

So I'm going down eight on the second string from the 10th to the eighth fret on the first string, and wind up there. Let's play the whole solo. so far. Slowly. Again listen to when he holds the note. That really makes the song work and now he's gonna go to this long band.

So he's gonna band up 11th fret of the second string. Get the bands like bands and let it come down. Go 811 on the second string to the 10th fret of the third string and then eighth fret of the ACE or For the third string 10th fret of the fourth string. This looks kind of tricky. So we got this bending up on the 10th fret of the third string, eighth fret of the first string 11, eight on the second string. Then we got one of these 11 810 eight.

With the pull off, you wind up on the 10th fret of the second string. So we got this whole thing right here. Let's take the whole solo up to this point, right again. This part right here, instead of doing this, I don't hear that what I hear I'm doing is doing a double pull off on the 11th fret of the second string. So we got this on the 10th fret of the third string right there and then we got one of these rakes where he's gonna get the eighth fret first, second and third string, mute the strings with his right hand part. And then drag the pickup and get each string and wind up on the 10th fret of the fourth string.

Whoops. Like that. It's hard to play slowly. That is tricky. That little lick right there. So we got the whole descended thing.

And then we're going into one of these which will lead us in to the next verse. Let me go through that. And I hope I explained that well enough. You know, it's really hard to get him to go through each note when he's playing things so fast, but it's all right there except for this part where it goes to that long and that scale right there. He's playing in the first position, see blue Xbox. So let's take solo number two from Freddie King, San Jose.

One more time, slowly. It's kind of hard to play that slowly sped up or slowed down but just trying to take those licks and play them. So you could follow what's going on. So, that is the second solo and we'll come back with verse number four.

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