Solo 1

5 minutes
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The first solo verse of Freddy kings funnybone goes like this. Let me play the whole thing through one time, no backing track, but just so you can hear it all together. And then we'll we'll take it apart. There's the first solo verb. So we started out with one of these double stops. We've done this before, but let's review these positions in case you haven't watched the previous videos or haven't watched them in order, he's gonna do this sliding double stop, which is an E seven double stop, my first finger is on the 10th fret of the first string, ring fingers on the 12th fret of the second string and I'm sliding into it.

So I'm starting on the 11th fret with my third finger sliding into the 12th fret and then picking up the first string, which is the 10th fret where I've got my first finger on the ninth fret of the first string, second finger on the 10th fret of the second string. And then wind up here on the seventh and eighth fret, same position, just move it up to now when you listen to the original recording, I can't tell here if he's picking both strings, or just the second string. So like this, that's both strengths, or just the one string you can play either way, and it sounds good. So that's the first lick of the solo. Now he's gonna go to the first position blue spot, the key of E and he's gonna play this So that's the next phrase, we're gonna get that little lick, there's 15th fret of the first string to the 12th fret, maybe a slight bend on the 15th fret.

He's gonna do a slow ban on the 14th fret of the third string. I'm going to go back and forth between the 14th fret and the 12th fret on the fourth string, so all together forgot that 12th fret of the third string. He's gonna pause and then back and forth again 14 1214 and then a slight up bend on the 12th fret of the third string Back to the 14th fret of the fourth string. And then real quick with a little bend up on the third string 12th fret. Let me play that whole thing slowly. Now he's gonna go into this real cool band, he's gonna start on the 12th fret of the second string to the 15th fret.

And then bam. He's gonna go back on the second string, so we got this and then we're gonna come back into the third and fourth strings. So we got there, he's gonna go 1214 on the third string back 12 14, four string then you got this. He's gonna pick the third fret third string 12th fret twice and go 1412 Yeah, look at the tab if I keep going 1412 1214 in the drive you crazy. But look at the first position, blue Xbox, mostly on the fourth and the third strike, let me do the whole section. The important thing here, he's gonna wind up on the 12th fret of the fourth string.

So let me do that one more time slowly. And that's the end of the first solo verse. Let me play it all the way through one time slowly again, and again on some of these solo passages where he's playing quickly and he's playing a lot of different notes which Freddy did in the first position blue Spock second and third strings. Just got a listen to it, listen to it and try to pick up on the on the groove that he's getting with those licks and then you can, you can get it. So here we go. Let's do the whole thing.

There is the first solo verse for Freddy kings Funny Bone

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