Freddy King "Signature Licks" Part 2

Freddy King: The Classic Instrumentals (Volume 1) Introduction & Learning Resources
8 minutes
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Freddy King also like to combine bands with other notes, and I call these double stop bands, or I'm not sure if there's a term for this, but what I'm saying is he bend the string and then go to another note, kind of a double stop band. And this is one that he did quite a bit. So for in the key of A, I'm going to bend up the third string at the seventh fret. And then get the a note, which is the fifth fret of the first track. So he did something like this. He'd also do something similar to that using the long band on the second string.

And that same note, the fifth fret of the first string so you can combine that lick and all kinds of different ways, or reconfigure it. So you've got this. You've got this And those are examples of bands that he did combining it with another note with the a no. So I call those double stop bands. Another kind of lick that Freddie King used a lot in the first position. Blue Xbox is what I call it the sending like, and you'd hear him do this a lot, mostly on the first and second strength.

And here it is an example in the key of A and this leg right here. That part of it, you hear him use quite a bit. And what I'm doing is starting I'm just playing right over that first position, a barre chord, first position blues box, starting out with the fifth fret of the second string, and then I'm going eight, five on the first string and then seven on the first strength, so we've got A lot of times they'll go to the seventh fret of the second string, so the whole leg so far and then back to the eighth fret of the first string, eight, five on the second string. So the whole thing plays slowly. That's the core of this lick. Now he does a lot of variations with this, you might play something like this.

Like he does in San Jose, or you might do something like this. Like he does in butterscotch, but that same that lick right there. He uses a lot and you can move that anywhere. You've got a first position blue, Xbox and KFC. Just move it around like most of these other licks and you can play it in any key that you want. I call that a descending like this.

Sending Freddy King lick, another lick that he uses quite a bit as another double stop band. And this one is based, the way I find it is by finding the second position barre chord. So for playing in the key of E, that's my second position a barre chord between the seventh to the ninth fret. And then what I do is form this two fingered position right here, first finger on the seventh fret of the first string, second on the eighth fret of the second string, and that bend the second string, the first string at the seventh fret, which is held firm, so we've got this and when he does that, he often combines it with these other notes. So these notes in this scale here, I've got the 10th fret, ninth fret, seventh fret of the first string and The same on the second string, but I've also got the ninth fret or eighth fret of the second string, and then my e would be the ninth fret of the third string.

Pretty much those notes almost outlined in an E minor chord. Something like that. So we got this. And he'll do something like that quite a bit in different keys. So if he goes to G, we find the second position G bar chord. We can play this in a lot of different places.

So that's another movable lick. Now, another double stop lick that he uses a lot is an E seven double stop. This again, I find by finding the second position e barre chord. And then I make a double step with my first finger on the seventh fret of the first string, and my ring finger on the ninth fret of the second string. That's an E double stop, if you slide that 123 up, that's an E seven, E, E seven. And you'll hear him use that a lot and a lot of different ways.

So we've got that lick an E seventh, you can also find it by finding your first position, the barre chord and just going a little bit below it, 10th and 12th fret. So there's another one and then we'll combine that it'll do these runs and sometimes they'll play the double stops like this. Sometimes, so play the single string. And what I'm doing is taking that East seventh position, then I'm sliding to this position, which is the same thing I played here. Just two frets up. My first finger is now on the ninth fret of the first string, second finger on the 10th fret of the second string.

I don't bend this, though. So I've got that bendy, so I'm not doing that. So this little progression. way I find it this find that second position barre chord. There's my e my Isa. I've got that in between.

And he does a lot of different variations on that. So if I'm playing in the key of, hey, I've got I'm playing in G I've got and so the way you find it, let's say you're playing in a, here's my second position, a barre chord. Or if I'm playing in second position, barre chords that come combination of double stops or Sometimes he'll just pick one of those, like there's a couple songs that we're going to learn in this series where he just takes that East seventh double stop and plays a lick on it like something like that. So those are some of what I call the Freddie King signature licks, ideas that you'll hear him use over and over again. There are a couple things like his right hand palm muting that I cover in the right hand section, the video for the right hand approach that Freddie King used.

Some of the others like the pull offs and some other more specific bands. We'll get into those as we go through each of the songs. So I would recommend that you practice these licks and be able to move them to different keys. Freddie prayed, played primarily excuse me in g. c, d, played in a psalm, even an F. Think G's the court he plays in the key plays in the most G, B flat c And make sure you can play those licks in any of those keys and then you'll you'll become familiar with the guitar neck and then it'll be easier for you to adjust when the songs are in different keys. Same licks. All these licks I've showed you are movable licks, you can play them wherever you can find a first position, blues box or a second position bar chord, whichever chord or position the legs are based in

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