Intro & Verse 1

7 minutes
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The introduction and the first first Freddy King San Jose in the KFC goes like this. So there is the first verse, the introduction and first verse of Freddie King, San Jose, we're playing in the KFC and most everything we do is going to be over the first position, C bar chord, the first position bar chord in the key of C, the introduction that I've played this little bass, right? If you listen to the original recording, I'm pretty sure that's the bass that's playing that it's not the guitar. But if you want to kick off the song yourself if you don't or said I haven't been bass player do it, you could play this little riff. So I start from the third fret of the sixth string and, and then I just walk up 123 on the fifth string. So that's how I started out like that.

And then getting here, the first leg. And a lot of this is the same licks, and this main one here, I've got my first finger on the eighth fret of the second and third strength. It's a double step. I'm going to take time right here and try to explain this because sometimes during the song, as I teach this, it's hard to remember when he plays the second and third string and there's a couple times when he throws in the first string with it, and you hear it ring out. You gotta listen to the original recording, and I'm not sure exactly how he did that. Did he stroke up with this first finger remember, he played with a thumb pick and a finger pick on his first finger or two?

He stroke down or how did he How did he get that first trying to sound out you can mess around and see what you can do with it. The way I do it is I just pick up and try to make sure I get that first string and try to get it to ring out. So the first time around, he definitely plays the double stop. And then he's going to go to the fourth string between the 10th fret and the eighth fret. Like that. And this I hear a lot of palm muting using this right hand palm to mute that string instead of you don't hear that so much you hear.

He's gonna go back to this. So another two double stops and then back to the 10th fret of the fourth string. Now when he climbs into the next phrase, that right there, I've seen different guys play at different ways, and I know there's a magic Sam version of the same story. On where he plays it a little differently. But for years, I thought what he did is he climbed chromatically, eight 910 on the fourth string. But the more I've listened to it over the years, I think he starts the lick on the 10th fret of the fifth string.

Then he goes to the eighth fret of the fourth string. And that is getting an open string, heavily muted with the right hand palm, something like that. And then he's going like that. So the whole whole thing so far if we conclude this introduction, kind of like that. Maybe I'm wrong on that. He could also be playing something like this.

Playing the eighth fret of the fourth string twice, but I don't think that's what he's doing. He can't play it like this. And I see some guys do that, but if you really listen closely To the original recording, I think he's muting the open string as he climbs, or goes from the eighth fret of the fourth string to the 10th fret. Like that. So let's do everything again from the beginning, including the bass, and then we'll get the next phrase. And then he's going to go to the four, which is going to be over the F seventh.

And now I'm going to start on the 10th fret of the fifth string to the sixth, or I'm sorry, eighth fret of the fourth string, another open string, which is the open fourth string, and then I'm going to wind up on the F at the eighth fret of the fifth string. So it just says, as the song changes to the four and then he's going to play this. Go back into it. So let's play everything we have so far. Again. Right, there's when the song goes over the five.

So just follow the tab. And, you know, fill in what I didn't teach there. And then he's going to go and he's going to kind of stay on the 10th fret of the fourth string, he does this. So that's how he wraps up the verse right before he does this little turnaround thing. So one more time. And then right here at the end of the verse, he gets the 10th fret of the fifth string and then gets this double stuff.

That sounds as though it's almost like making a minor chord, except you're not including the first string. It's just the eighth fret, second and third strings. So later in the song, this is something else. I've also, you know, trying to figure out, when he does this turn around, he includes that note the ninth fret of the fourth string and he does something like this where he goes from the fifth string 10th fret, fourth string ninth fret, and then gets that double stop. And the very first time he does it, he doesn't definitely doesn't get that the fourth string. Instead, he just kind of hits the fifth string and then strokes those two.

So let me play the whole first first Freddie King San Jose through one time slowly There is the end of verse number one

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