Verse 2

5 minutes
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The second verse of hideaway picks up right as the first one ends. And so let's take it, I'm going to take it from the last part of the first verse, and then we'll, I'll play the second verse all the way through, and then we'll take it apart. That's where he leads into the next part. So right at the end of the previous verse, he's got this right there, and then he's gonna start the second verse right away like this. He's going to do this same basic lick we did in the first verse, open second string hammer on second fret like that then open first. This time he's going to do this hammer on pull off without picking.

You can get away with that with the Les Paul it really sustains well, and I don't know which finger he used when he did that. I tried all first and second, even third fingers to see which one was easiest and it's still pretty tough but anyway, he leads in first finger might be the easiest, and then he plays another one of these legs. So I've got open second string as my lead in though 123 open second string, second fret of the third string that I have On to the first string open, and then hammer on the first fret of the third string read first fret of the third string. So that whole little lick, let's take it from the, from the start of the solo. And he throws in one of these. Just a quick little lick.

And then I hear possibly Freddie's guitar, play the lead it note on the bass. Something like that, what I'm doing, I don't know if this is what he's playing or not. I'm getting the open sixth string, I've got my first finger on the second fret of the fifth string. Something like that. I think he's getting to the fourth fret. And then open fifth string.

You could also play the third fret and get something that works but I think he's gonna go to that. So Picking the open sixth string and then the open fit. And when he does that he doesn't play. He just lets it go and then he comes in another one of those licks, which we've done before, and then he throws in this leg. What I'm doing here, open second string, second fret of the third string, hammer onto the first fret of the third string, open first string like that, so he plays. Let's go ahead and just play the whole thing all the way through.

He's going to go into this lick which we've done before All that is played the same, I didn't get a slide right there. So it's like this. Then we're gonna do this turn around just like we did before. Get the open first right? And then right there. We're gonna lead in to the next verse, which is the kind of the base, the base stop time it's not really stopped.

I'm just the bass licks that he plays the first for the third verse. So there we have the second verse of ready kings hideaway. I'm going to play it one more time slowly through let's see if we can do this together. There's verse number two

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