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Welcome, everyone to our mini course meditation made easy. My name is Duda Baldwin. I'm a transformational coach. And I also share modern Buddhist teachings for everyday living. I also run the online course called Little School of Buddhism in a Facebook group. And I decided to create this one week mini course.

Because I see many of my students and people around me friends, colleagues, articles, books, writing about it, and also being a practitioner of Buddhism and meditation. That meditation seems to be a regular stumbling block for all of us. You know, those who already practice regularly like myself, or maybe you practice it and you struggling with it, but also for people who tried it once or twice. And then didn't really understand how to do it and had doubts about if they're doing it properly. Also for those who think they have no time to do it, and their life is too busy and complicated and messy, and they can't seem to find the proper time to devote a few minutes a day to practice, although they know it would help their mental state. And so I want to eliminate that pressure and just our way of thinking about meditation because we we got this sense of meditation is something really difficult and that we have to reach this state of bliss and stillness.

And to be honest with you, that's not really what meditation is about, and it's not supposed to be difficult. What I find is lacking in this society is a clear explanation. What meditation is for and why not Do we want to do it? And why do we need to do it? So in the following videos, I will go into why we meditate, how to meditate, different techniques of meditation benefits of those meditations, and also a little bit deeper into the Buddhist teachings behind meditation, which is very, very important for our spiritual growth, especially when we go a little bit deeper in our regular practice, we will eventually come to this question, okay, there's something bigger to deep and then we have nowhere to 10. So I will try to combine all of those bits and bobs of information that you get from social media posts from blogs from books into this one mini course and I will keep it on a very practical basis, so that you can start implementing it from day one and keep motivated to do it regularly.

We will not go into deep, deep complexity. We will go through some challenging thoughts maybe but it will not be deep Buddhist philosophy and, you know spiritual awakening theories and I'm not gonna, I'm not going to discuss this in this mini course who who ever wants to discuss this further and learn a little bit more about how to overcome painful emotions and why and what's actually going on in our lives and how we can suffer less. Then I would advise you to join my online course little school of Buddhism, which I run every three months. Before we move on just a few words about my experience and my sharing with you, where does it come from? You will find many different teachers around the world and many different religions and philosophies. Implement meditation is the key factor for their practice.

For myself, I am a Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist. So I took my vows in 2014 in copan monastery in Nepal. And I practice meditation and Buddhism since 2009. And probably also earlier just I wasn't aware of that. And I also know meditation since I'm 19 years old. Now 41.

So I think 2022 years and my experiences that I know different techniques, but I'm very much a Tibetan Buddhist meditation practitioner. And I will introduce you to that later on. However, I will start with basic practical techniques, and then go into mindfulness practice, and then go more into the introspective Buddhist practice and I will also lead you with the knowledge and information and wisdom beyond all of these meditations. Why we need them so that you get different tools at different times like leaving this mini course with a big to have big bag of tools and just pick one wherever you need because they're different and they can, they can help us in different ways. I see you in the next video

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