Meditation on Object

Meditation Made Easy Simple meditations
6 minutes
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Meditating on objects, where we observe and try not to create stories about the objects or people or whatever we observe and without judging, and those objects I learned from Eckhart Tolle and I applied it every day since 2009, so I at that time I lived in London, and I was starting my business and I was a workaholic working crazy hours. And I didn't have any Like, seriously guys, I work 21 hours a day, and slept three hours a night and that's not healthy. I'm not recommending it, but if time is your stumbling block, I would like to tell you that it's an excuse of your ego. So the sooner you drop that excuse with all my compassion. I know you have kids and family and stuff I have to the sooner you will start doing Meditation because there are techniques that you can do even when you have limited amount of time.

It's all about priorities. And it's all about your motivation, how much you want to do it. So, this meditation where we observe people or objects, without giving them any storylines or any judgments is really beneficial to stop obsessive thinking. But also, it kind of helps you to train your monkey brain to shut up. And that will really, really help you later on when you want to do the mindfulness practice, or even better, the introspective meditation from the Tibetan Buddhist. And so it goes like this.

You are Anyway, you are at work, and you are, you know, you're typing you're working but you are obsessively thinking about Something really painful that happened to you and you're trying to figure out and you are in this constant rage. We all we are all there, myself included. I can let go of certain stories for months. Yeah, I'm just on a repetitive. You'd like a hamster, and I'm just constantly in that wheel and I can't get out. So what I do is I just stop that thinking, and if I if I'm somewhere in the public, or if I if I'm, if I can't do any introspective meditation, then I will do that one just stop the brain talking.

And so you just observe, let's say you at work and you stop and you just observe little things. So my keyboard my computer, black, coffee cup, table, Sky, window. People Colleagues, boss, dog, coffee machine doors. Yeah, something like that, you will reach a point where I guarantee you, your brain will start creating stories. So let's say you don't like your boss, but that boss is walking there. And it's one of the objects you observe.

The minute you come to the boss, your brain will want to tell you something about that boss. Yeah, boss. Oh, God, I hated it. That's it. So observe yourself again and go back to the next object. So it's kind of good and taking a little bit of humor and fun when the monkey brain jumps in, because you lived your life your entire life with that monkey brain.

Don't expect that monkey brain to go away so easily, you know, and that monkey brain is having fun. It likes to torture you with all of that. So it's you know, it's it's his job. He doesn't know any better. So Just be a little light hearted about it. Don't beat yourself up because all that monkey brain is again and I'm not succeeding in my meditation.

It doesn't work like that. Okay? It's practice. That's what we call it practice. And it's a lifelong practice. And guess what?

You're never going to get there. Yeah, that allama is the leader of the Tibetan Buddhist monks. And he's meditating every morning from three o'clock in the in the morning because he has to resolve his anger with the Chinese who are killing his people. So you know, we he's also not enlightened. So we are, we need to practice that daily. But you will get benefits slowly and gradually.

Yeah, the mindfulness and the Buddhist ways are the middle ways. It's the gradual way. Yeah. The more pressure you put on yourself, the more anger you're going to put on yourself, and that's exactly what you want to get rid of. So observe things and phenomena, even when you walk like I used to do it. I was really suffering from a heartbreak and grief and When I was walking to work, I started to observe buildings and not architecture of the buildings.

I'm not interested in that it's not my thing. But just because I wasn't interested in interested in that. I started using that as, as my break for my for my brain to just observe. So I would just walk and say white building yellow building of your building. Nice building says three blocks, five blocks, house, Edwardian house, Victorian house, you know, and sometimes I will stop and say, oh, there must be a really rich person living here with his bloody Ferrari. Yeah.

And there's like, ah, judgment, why am I full of jealousy? What's going on here, and then just move on, move on. So I really had breaks at that time. I was obsessive, obsessively thinking about why my partner left me without an explanation and truly To figure out why and I was going mad, right? But it can also be small things that drives us crazy on a daily basis. So it helps obsessive thinking and it also helps you to train your monkey brain and to make friends with that monkey brain.

Don't resist it, because the more you resist it, the more it's going to jump at you. So I hope you're gonna enjoy this one. And I'll see you in the next video.

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