Tibetan Buddhist meditations

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The meditations mentioned in this lesson are of an introspective nature, and they stem from Tibetan Buddhism. These meditations have a huge impact on getting to know yourself, how your thought process works, what is weighing you down, reflecting on your reactions and emotions that cause you pain and disturbance and within that meditation use wisdom and calm to remove yourself from them and gain a new, liberating perspective on those same feelings. These meditations are transforming because they are awakening your mind to new and wiser perspective on yourself and those around you - that is true why we get to meditation in the first place, we want to stop suffering and we want to change something for it. The object of the meditation is you, and this is an amazing opportunity to say hello to yourself finally! They have a huge impact on your overall behavior and seeing things in life differently in comparison to before. They are also easy to do and will gain your wisdom you've never realized you had within you. The result is resilience, compassion, patience, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, humor, self-acceptance. It is not an overnight exercise; it's a life practice. Diligence is the key, and self-compassion is the fastest way to get all the results listed. Remove any should's, must's and pressure. And enjoy!
We'll cover the following topics in this section:

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