Taking Meditation One Step Further

Meditation Made Easy Taking Meditation One Step Further
5 minutes
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So we came to the end of those meditation techniques that I shared with you. And I'm really grateful that I have spent the time with you. And I will guide some more on meditations and the teachings behind the more than Buddhist meditations and overcoming painful emotions in my online course that I run three times, three to four times a year. In the little school of Buddhism, if you wanted to take your meditation and further and start digging a little bit deeper as to, why are things happening to me, what's karma? Why is this person treating me badly? How can I deal with it in more detail?

How can I become wiser? How can I become less reactive? How can I examine myself a little bit more How can I dig a little bit deeper and understand who I become? And how can I become more patient? How can I suffer less? All these questions?

How can I accept myself? How can I start loving myself? How can I stop beating myself up? How can I have a little bit more peace in my life? How can I change my life? How can I have a better relationships?

How can I be a better mother? How can I forgive? Then please join our course. You can visit us at little school of Buddhism calm. You can also follow my page little school of Buddhism, my Facebook and Instagram. And you can also join my daily Buddhist group is called the daily Buddhist Facebook group and any questions about the course?

If you need any payment plans, it's then you can email me on Duda at little school of Buddhism calm, or you can go to my website, school buddhism.com and just fill out the form. And I will get back to you, we can easily arrange a phone call. And there's plenty plenty of testimonials on Google reviews and Facebook reviews and my website and where you can see what other students said about the school. And just a little bit more information. It's a seven weeks course where you join the Facebook group after you've paid. It's on the earlybird $299 which gives you seven weeks of the course of the entire exercise book after you finish the course.

It's not academic, it's very practical exactly like this video. dictation course except I teach you about modern Buddhism in your everyday life, and how to overcome your painful emotions, how to forgive, let go understand more become wiser. So it's not academic, but you will have some homework every weekend which requires maximum 30 minutes. And during the week you have nothing to do, you just have to watch either my videos or my written posts that I post daily. And you learn totally new truths about life, and it transforms people I was already in week two. What you also gain is free access to the alumni group for your life.

So I continue guiding you in your practice. It's new stuff, and free webinars and free videos and a lot of content. Plus, you can repeat any of the courses again and no matter how many times it's no additional costs you pay once and you're in it for life. You also get discounts on all my coaching. So if some of you, I'm more interested in a one to one coaching, you can do that I do also mini sessions for people who don't really want the entire program. And they just want to have one or two sessions to discuss a certain situation, and how to transform it on a deeper level.

And I have that for $500. And you can find details on that on kickass news.com. It's my transformational coaching website. So kick ass news.com and the coaching simple. If you wanted to go through through a program, it's eight sessions, and you can find the prices there as well. And then some people want to do a yearly coaching with me.

So that's very useful for people who want to maybe do something similar as to what I do and be in a similar field, you can sign up for yearly coaching. And it's, you know, we check in very regularly and it's a, it's a deep transformational coaching. And for people who want to become transformational coaches or want to dig a little bit deeper into Buddhism, whatever your reasons are, they are your reasons you will come. And I hope you enjoyed this course. And leave some comments and feedback on my Facebook page please if you liked it, you can also leave a review on Google reviews and on reviews on my Facebook page. And I hope to see you soon.

Lots of love

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