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You save:  $20
List Price:  €64.58
You save:  €18.45
List Price:  £55
You save:  £15.71
List Price:  CA$95.57
You save:  CA$27.30
List Price:  A$105.03
You save:  A$30.01
List Price:  S$94.37
You save:  S$26.96
List Price:  HK$546.33
You save:  HK$156.11
CHF 45.69
List Price:  CHF 63.98
You save:  CHF 18.28
NOK kr534.19
List Price:  NOK kr747.91
You save:  NOK kr213.71
DKK kr344.18
List Price:  DKK kr481.88
You save:  DKK kr137.70
List Price:  NZ$114.34
You save:  NZ$32.67
List Price:  د.إ257.07
You save:  د.إ73.46
List Price:  ৳8,204.43
You save:  ৳2,344.46
List Price:  ₹5,828.24
You save:  ₹1,665.45
List Price:  RM328.42
You save:  RM93.85
List Price:  ₦100,645.62
You save:  ₦28,760
List Price:  ₨19,492.56
You save:  ₨5,570.09
List Price:  ฿2,543.62
You save:  ฿726.85
List Price:  ₺2,252.48
You save:  ₺643.66
List Price:  B$358.55
You save:  B$102.45
List Price:  R1,272.46
You save:  R363.61
List Price:  Лв126.18
You save:  Лв36.05
List Price:  ₩95,628.60
You save:  ₩27,326.36
List Price:  ₪257.07
You save:  ₪73.46
List Price:  ₱4,061.93
You save:  ₱1,160.71
List Price:  ¥10,948.25
You save:  ¥3,128.52
List Price:  MX$1,162.98
You save:  MX$332.33
List Price:  QR255.30
You save:  QR72.95
List Price:  P943.77
You save:  P269.68
List Price:  KSh9,238.68
You save:  KSh2,640
List Price:  E£3,274.83
You save:  E£935.80
List Price:  ብር4,022.91
You save:  ብር1,149.56
List Price:  Kz59,526.49
You save:  Kz17,010
List Price:  CLP$62,185.41
You save:  CLP$17,769.80
List Price:  CN¥496.47
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List Price:  RD$4,112.13
You save:  RD$1,175.06
List Price:  DA9,417.73
You save:  DA2,691.16
List Price:  FJ$158.24
You save:  FJ$45.22
List Price:  Q543.65
You save:  Q155.35
List Price:  GY$14,659.13
You save:  GY$4,188.92
ISK kr6,923.61
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List Price:  DH694.91
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List Price:  L1,236.68
You save:  L353.38
List Price:  ден3,978.79
You save:  ден1,136.96
List Price:  MOP$562.88
You save:  MOP$160.84
List Price:  N$1,269.48
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List Price:  C$2,577.73
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List Price:  S/262.33
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You save:  ZK516.78
List Price:  L321.30
You save:  L91.81
List Price:  Kč1,596.80
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List Price:  Ft24,999.68
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SEK kr536.13
List Price:  SEK kr750.62
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List Price:  ARS$62,239.18
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You save:  Bs138.28
List Price:  COP$268,071.43
You save:  COP$76,602.78
List Price:  ₡35,882.02
You save:  ₡10,253.47
List Price:  L1,730.75
You save:  L494.57
List Price:  ₲525,787.21
You save:  ₲150,246.38
List Price:  $U2,689.27
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Alright, so I got a wonderful question regarding Well, I get it if I have an e commerce store, I need to set up the PayPal buttons. But what if I have a service, and I need to send or get money from my clients or customers? Well, there's two things. If you have someone on a residual basis, where they're making automatic payments, then of course, you want to create an automatic subscription button. However, if you're just simply invoicing custom, what you're going to want to do is go to money. When you click on that tab, you're either going to use the request from customers or the Create an invoice.

Oftentimes, the most professional way to do this is to create an invoice so that way you can let people know piece by piece, what they're being charged for, especially if they order maybe a few services at once. If you're simply, you know, hey, this is going to cost $100. for five hours of work, it's just something that's plain simple and easy. You can just request from the customers and they'll understand but more Most of the time 95% I want to send an invoice. The reason being is I want them to realize this is what you're getting in exchange for this so that way it kind of, you know, they feel safe, they feel okay, especially if it's their first purchase. Now I'm going to quickly go in create an invoice, I'm going to show you kind of how it looks.

I'm going to click on Create. And obviously, you can see all previous invoices below whether they've been paid, etc. And through this information, this template, you can actually create new templates or manage those templates settings. As you see here. We just click on that real quick. I use this for overdrive strategies.

Here I have different defaults. I'll go ahead and click on Edit. And you can actually then upload your information inside. From your address book, your business information, all of these things when and here you go. Update. So I can go ahead and choose any image that I want in my office.

In my computer, and that'll usually be my business name. So this will be attached as a template, then I'm going to attach in the email, say, I'm going to enter in the word jack at jack calm. That's not an actual customer. But that's just someone that I'm simply making up. Now if we want to, we can carbon copy. Two other email addresses, or we can even build to multiple customers, if we would want to billing to multiple customers just simply means that one of these people is in charge and they're going to pay the bill.

It's a matter of who pays it first. Because even when you send off a bill to multiple customers, once that single invoice is made, because it's a unique invoice, it'll have a specific number. Well, it'll be on the next page once we actually create the invoice. But when we do that, it's going to send to all those people, whoever pays it first. All the other people they try and pay it later will be told, hey, this is already paid. You know, it's complete.

You're done. Nothing to worry about here. So you can add a reference number. Here, we're going to add that we can add a due date, say, you know, we want this, it's doing 30 days, if you don't, then we're going to cancel service or you know, the bill cancels or it's done or suspension of service, whatever it may be. So here, I'm going to say I want a guest blog post, that's going to be $50. So now we have that all set up.

We can say maybe they ordered four of these. So that's going to be $200. We'll just click an X on that. If there's anything else that we want, say, you know, pbn links, they want one of those, and that's $40 apiece. Now all we need to do, and you can click if you want, allowing partial payment. So it's like, hey, we'll do one thing at a time, but you need to, you know, pay a certain amount do which is probably that 200 pbn, or the 200 blog post.

And then if you want your pbn links as well, you can pay that at another time. We can even allow people to add tips. I always love doing that because you never know some people will actually say yes and go, here you go. So we'll just go ahead and save this template or what I will do instead is preview it so you can see how it ends up looking to your customer. And this is how you get that professional look when you send off an invoice as a service provider. So I know a lot of service providers were worried about how to look more professional inside PayPal and how to send these invoices.

This is how pretty easy pretty simple and pretty fast

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